Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whites and Random

STILL working on the living room/dining room {and my oldest daughters room}. But it's sort of on hold while I prepare for the big yard sale.

Is anything ever REALLY done anyways?

I'm going whiter and brighter and a little more farmhouse feel {since we actually live in a farmhouse} and a tiny less glam. 

I have a linky party addiction....clearly. How about the rest of you? I wonder does the world need another linky party? 
Because I think it would be really fun to host one and do features once a week.
So  if you have not entered my giveaway there is still time! Click the link on my sidebar.

What? The title said random, what did you expect?

Oh yeah I said Whites too....well here are some of my favorite whites pinned to Pinterest in time for White Wednesday at Faded Charm

Source: via Nicki on Pinterest

Source: via Nicki on Pinterest


  1. Only you can determine if you have the passion and time to host a linky party at this TIME. You have the skill set, but is this the right season in your life to add another task? If it is a task, not a joy, then the time isn't right.

  2. Gorgeous photos that you have inspired us with today! I joined Pinterest, but haven't pinned one little photo. Being on dial up...too slow for everything I want to do. lol.

  3. Nicki - love love this post! Lots of beautiful pics to drool over... I think another Linky party would be great! Go for it! :)

  4. That scale....ooooo baby... THAT SCALE!

  5. Great stuff Nicki...I just posted about not pinning yet and how I am sidetracked enough while online. Seeing your pins makes me want to be sidetracked!


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