Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Vintage Farmhouse Yard Sale

Is this Saturday August 13th from 8am to 4pm

I have had a couple of people back out very last minute so if you want to set up a booth let me know. It's only $20 for the day and we have pretty much unlimited space!! {bring your own tables and tents}

If you want to come and just shop or are interested in setting up please message me for the address {curiouscollector@thevintagefarmhouse.com}

If you are coming from out of town we have several local attractions.
Traders Point Creamery voted best in Indiana.

Wild Air Farm is having their charity horse show just down the road from my house.{we get a TON of traffic down our road during this, people from all over the country!}

Friday night is the Z'sparkle Drag Race in town to raise money for Alzheimers. {yep...this is where men dress in drag and race down Main St!}

And the Farmers Market in the center of town Saturday until 11am.

I will have my "booth" filled with a ton of vintage goodies and a lot of the handcrafted items you have seen in the last several posts. My kids will be running the snack bar and we will have farm fresh eggs available.

The Jewelry Lady will be here with her many many fun and unique pieces of vintage costume jewelry.

Kristina from The French Canary 
Check out her Etsy too !
She has some gorgeous furniture.


  1. Sounds fun...I'm hoping I get to come.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Sure wish I lived closer!! I know it will be an amazing sale!!

  3. Good luck with your sale, Nicki! I wish I could be there!

    Post lots of photos!!! ;P

  4. Oh My.... I LOVE that bed...I would be willing to camp over night to get that one... : )
    Sounds LOVELY...I am with Sandi, I wish I lived closer...

  5. Ooooh! I sure wish that I could attend/have a booth! Sounds like a fun day. Hope you have fantastic sales and great weather. Drooling over that gorgeous bed!!!!!

  6. It all sounds so wonderful!
    I just put my best friend on a plane to Indiana this afternoon... but I doubt she'll make to the sale, ...she's got a new grand baby!
    Wish I could make it to your sale-- I hope you do well. In the mean time, you might consider a job with the Chamber of Commerce in your town...you'd make a great spokes person. I think it is so cool to mention all the local happenings and activities... as colorful as some of them sound... he he he!

    I really hope you make a ton... Keep us posted!

  7. Hoping I can still make it. We bought a dresser from Kristina for my niece. Can't wait to check out all your stuff!!

  8. Have a great show!! It's a long haul from Cali. to Illinois and if it wasn't, I'd be there!
    xo, Amber

  9. Wishing you good luck with your sale!

  10. Thanks, Nicki! Lovin' that little stool, by the way...oh, and that old sewing machine drawer. I have one on my dresser that I LOVE. Yours is gorgeous. :)

    See you Saturday! Sounds like I have to bring that bed now (if it's not gone)...hahaha! Praying for beautiful weather...and my daughter is very excited about it, too. :)




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