Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sneak Peek for White Wednesday

Progress on the dining room/living room is going slow. 
There is back to school time, a big yard sale, planning a big gathering for out of state family, and my daughters 11th birthday all coming up in the next few weeks.

But I snapped a few sneak peek photos in time for White Wednesday link party at Faded Charm!
The buffet that came with my table and chairs from Craigslist.
I'm a lamp lover. This one is perhaps my favorite, only $6 from a yard sale several years ago. It's sitting on a silverplate cake stand and a flower ring from the bins at the GO {Goodwill Outlet}
  A brass candle stick on marble base from another yard sale years ago. It's missing some crystals but it was only a dollar.
 I can't get enough of these old Syroco wall things. Most people paint them but I love them in all their original gold glory. This one was also a GO find.

Metal tiered thingy. I put ironstone plates on it. Guess where it's all from? Yep the GO. I told you me and the GO are Bff's forever!
Tea set, silverplate tray, vase and flowers....also came from the GO once upon a time.
 And here is a tiny sneak peak of what is going on with my mantel at the moment...subject to repeated change of course!
Really lovin the gold hand under glass though. It was a $1 yard sale find.

Anywho hope you enjoyed the sneak peek and that you are having a fabulous White Wednesday!


  1. Oh I just love this! It looks beautiful. Great job.

  2. well.... I was suppose to start painting today but now I have the urge to go to Goodwill.My favorite part of redecorating is the treasure hunting.

  3. SO pretty Nicki! I love your displays on this gorgeous buffet. And I always admire thriftiness. I like your previous posts about Goodwill, because I, too, am a die-hard bargain hunter. :)
    - Susan

  4. The buffet is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Now I am going treasure hunting! Have to go find some bling!
    I love the old Syroco too...I keep some gold in my bedroom and paint the rest for other rooms in thecreamy white! Addicted? YES!!


  5. Congrat's on the win :) I love your white, the buffet is just so pretty!!!
    PS...can you send me an e-mail and I will get you in touch so you can order your cards :)

  6. pretty buffet in the new white room! looking great!

  7. So pretty! Lovin' the buffet! I didn't even know the Goodwill had outlets until a few years ago when I found one that isn't too far away. Loveee a bargain...or two or three or...:)

  8. Very pretty! I love the buffet painted that wonderful shade of dreamy white.


  9. Just found your blog, and i love it! I live on the north side of indy, but moving to south side in a few weeks. Def want to make it to your sale!

  10. I love the buffet girl! BUT that lamp for $6...what an awesome deal! I LOVE the Goodwill. It's always one of my first stops when I sell something.


  11. Your buffet looks lovely in white and so shapely! Great accessories too.

  12. I love the white! I also like the ring of flowers underneath the silver plater...very unique idea!

  13. I'm a Craigslist junkie!! Love your blog, so glad to have found you!!! Also, Thanks so much for posting our Everything Annie Sloan giveaway button on your sidebar!! I hope all your friends and followers come over and check out this amazing giveaway!! I am your newest follower!

  14. this is so pretty I wish I had space in my house.
    I will be honored if you will add this project in our weekly linking party every Wednesdays at
    Have a great week,

  15. Oh, I am so happy that you stopped by my I am happy to now have found you...Or you me.. : ) I LOVE all your beautiful whites...I am curious how you found me...??
    Just became a follower.. ( a happy one... : )

  16. Hi, *NICKI* ROTFLOL I know your blog....thank goodness I am not having a nervous breakdown!!!

    This is a nice White Wednesday post. :D

    Ricki Jill

  17. what wonderful finds! whenever i visit the US, I google all the GOs nearby and visit them one by one. i, too, love shopping there.

  18. everything is so dreamy i dont know how you do it

  19. So beautiful! I especially love those vintage lamps... they look marvelous! Happy (belated) White Wednesday :)

  20. Lovin' the look Nikki. And I really LOVE that hand! Vanna


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