Friday, August 5, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

That's about the best way I can describe the month of August.

I am STILL working on the dining/living room. It will be done....someday.
My chandelier broke. We were just sitting there one night and heard a sound and noticed one of the arms is hanging.

 I still have to finish painting around the ceiling, clean up the floors from the whole mess and a few other things. Then I can move on to the living room.

Yesterday was crazy!
My friend Julie came over and we went to peek at a yard sale down the road. Really more to see the inside of the HUGE house than anything else. 

She had several prints for sale...$300 each. 
Yikes! Not my kind of yard sale.

Then Pattie The Shabby Chick stopped by for some eggs. She brought me some gifts!
I can't remember what she said this stuff was called but it was YUMMY.
I pretty much ate the whole thing on garlic bread all by myself!
She is sooo sweet!

After that I went to Strawtown with Julie. It's a flea market with livestock and auto auctions. I wasn't exactly impressed but I think I have gotten spoiled on the photos from so many great flea markets I have seen out of state.

On the way home we did spot this....
Yeah it's blurry since it was dusk and I was taking the photo through the glass window of the van, but that is a taxidermied buffalo.
We did some junking {looking through trash set out at the curb around town} afterwards.
 I came home with this. It will be getting a Frenchy Vintage Farmhouse makeover and go in the big yard sale.

Speaking of the big yard sale it is August 13th. See my full post about it HERE 
So far we have five other spaces that will be setting up for the sale. Not bad considering this was another one of my last minute things. But we still have room if anyone else is interested!



  1. Wow ~ I have never heard of a chandelier just cracking like that before. It's kind of eerie. Love the room!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your chandelier!! I'm sure your room will be stunning when it's all done...

    Have a wonderful day!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  3. Sorry about the chandy. Pattie is so sweet!

  4. the dining room look pretty as it is makes me want to grab a magazine and cup of coffee of course i'll be wearing the perfect party dress

  5. OMG! I used to go to Strawtown once a year with my Dad. Didn't go last year, but WENT YESTERDAY I AM NOT KIDDING!!!!! I went with my cousin, Mom and Aunt! I didn't see you there but afterwards we went on into Noblesville for lunch and stopped at a little antique type store and they had lavender sachets there that I was going to try to take a pic of for you! So funny....

    Cindy Bee

  6. How fun that you and Patti could get together. Would love to join you someday (I'll bring the wine!). My niece lives in Carmel. Close?


  7. I found your blog this morning and I love it! I look forward to reading more!


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