Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot Success

The Woodruff Place Flea Market was a hot success!

I left with a full truck load and came back with only a couple of boxes!

Truck being loaded to go!

All the mirrors, frames and furniture that I painted went FAST! 
I think they were all gone half way through day one.

The dress form also went quickly and a couple of Vintage Wedding dresses sold!

Here is the absolutely fabulous Ms. Gillian who lives in Woodruff and was sweet enough to let me set up at her house. 
 See those bagels?? 
She made those from scratch! I had two and they were delicious!

Ok so I know many of you have been asking about the Water Slide paper I used for the French Script candles and I promise I will do a post VERY soon explaining what it is, where you can get it, and some step by step pictures of how to use it on projects. It's super easy!

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my sale and have a fabulous week!


  1. The sale looked like it went gangbusters! Good for you!

  2. I am so happy for you that the show was a success :D Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

  3. Yes those bagels really look good!!!

  4. Glad it was a success!!
    Home made bagels...yummmmmm!

  5. It's always great when a sale goes well, which ever end of it you're on :))


  6. Wow! What pretty goodies.

  7. Oh, I sure love that Cherub Planter, Perfectly Chippy, What a Treasure.... Sounds like you had a great show~

  8. Good for you! Love that dress form! And the cherub planter is TDF!!! Where did you find that piece of fabulousness? *winks drips & drools** Vanna


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