Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage Prom Dresses

I love them. 
Who doesn't? They are so pretty and chic even when just used as decoration.
This is my collection...

I bought another pretty frilly pastel yellow number this weekend for $2.00 and a vintage wedding dress for $3.00

Hopefully I will have some pictures tomorrow of the new ones. They are still in the trunk of hubby's car. My truck broke down an hour away during my big thrifting event and hubs had to pick up me and my friend.

Still...I have to say I purchased some great finds. I also bought a vintage adjustable dress form for $5 and other goodies soon to be seen. 

Some of the new goodies will be going in my daughters room which yes, yes I promise will be unveiled soon. Normally I would have knocked the project out in one day, but I am taking my time on it since my leg is still having occasional "bad days". (For you wonderful worry wart blog friends of mine out there, I promise I won't push it!)

In the meantime.....
Here are some more lovely prom dresses I have pinned for your viewing pleasures!


  1. oh Hurray for vintage pretties! I love all of these...and what a thing to collect....you have opened the door up to me..and I'm sure you can guess what I'll be on the look out for from this moment on!


    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  2. Dreamy Nikki! I can't believe the prices you found! That would NEVER happen here. Hope your truck is easy to fix. *winks* Vanna

  3. Oh, I love prom dresses to, just to look at. My you got some , make me green with envy deals on your thrift adventure


  4. These are gorgeous! I hope that when the time comes my girls will opt for one of these beauties and the barely there trash some of these girls are wearing these days!

  5. Yummy eye candy dresses! They look so pretty displayed in your home. Great deals, too.
    Looking forward to your daughter's room reveal...
    - Susan

  6. You have a gorgeous collection!!
    Think I'll have to start my own!

  7. What a gorgeous collection of prom dressed. They are so happy...I hope all the young ladies who wore them to their proms had a great time! I love cheerful posts like this!

  8. These wonderful "fairy dresses"! I also love. You
    had a great idea to collect them.
    They are all beautiful! ...


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