Friday, May 20, 2011

Pray it doesn't Rain!

The "big" yard sale is tomorrow!!!

Here is to hoping it doesn't rain!
If you plan to come out please email me at for the address and directions.

List of goodies:
Vintage doors and windows
Tons of vintage glassware and bric a brac
Lamp shades
Kids clothing
Adult clothing
Some construction materials
Craft goodies
Vintage jewelry
Vintage hats
Bent wood chairs
Drop leaf shabby chic table
Shop awnings (seriously, I collect way too much weird stuff)
Ect ect ect

To be honest I have no idea of even half the stuff I have in my garage so who knows what I might unearth!
Items outside the garage will be priced to go (seriously, must GO) !!!

I will also be working on setting up "Shop" inside the garage where I will have the more amazing pretties and things.

If you are local, I hope to see you here! Please take a moment to introduce yourself (Our blog pics are so small, odds are I might not recognize you unless you do!)

Have a fabulous and thrifty weekend!!!!


  1. Good bad my weekend is jammed pack otherwise I would come check out your sale. I live on the Eastside of its a little hop and skip.

  2. I'm so sad I live so far away!!! I would try to take lots of goodies off your hands!!!Good luck!!! I know it will be a huge success!!!

  3. Oh wow! Gorgeous flowers!

  4. Wow lots of great stuff for sale! I'm torn-- between wishing I'm there to shop or glad I'm not!
    (budget minded)
    and I'm also torn between praying for no rain or praying FOR RAIN (we're seeing terrible drought here!)

    Hope you have wonderful weather for your sale! AND A GREAT BIG TURN OUT OF SHOPPERS w/ cash!

    yeah, that's my prayer for you!


  5. OH I'm so torn... I have your address but my husband can't come now (makes pouty face!) because he is supposed to be going on a fundraiser bike ride with our older boys. But I NEED a ceiling fixture for the addition. I'll e-mail you! You might be able to help me make up my mind.... and then there is the whole thing of will be have the contractors here in the morning. LIke I said, I'll e-mail.

  6. No rain in America this weekend please...
    I wish I could come to your place and all the other great shows going on this weekend in blogland!
    I hope you have great success this weekend!


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