Friday, May 27, 2011

Not So Frugal but Totally Worth It

Ok when it comes to personal style and beauty, I tend to roll out of bed, throw on some stretchy pants and a tee shirt, tie my hair in a pony tail, and go.

I'm comfy and ready for whatever project of the day. I call my style "homeless chic"....seriously.

But sometimes, when the occasion calls for it, I am capable of putting on some lip gloss, eyeliner and brushing my hair.

Well we went to the mall last month to have a ring my husband bought me for Valentines Day (last year!!) finally sized.

While cruising through the mall on our wall to the jewelers, one of those pesky kiosk sales people asks if she can touch my hair and tells me how beautiful it is, and before I know it she has me in a chair and is flat ironing my hair. 

Typically I avoid these people like the plague but she caught me on the right day, when I was too tired from just being out of the hospital to protest.

Then amazingly I actually liked what I saw when she showed me my hair in the mirror. It was strait, not frizzy and very shiny. Then she showed me how the iron could also curl my hair. Then....she showed me the price....

$250 for a hair iron?? No way am I paying that. I've never used a flat iron in my life so I can just go on without it....though really my hair does look AMAZING. 

$150 she says, deal for you only today. Sorry I love it but I am afraid I have to pass. 

$99 she says, lowest she can do. I look at hubby with sad eyes, we can't afford it. But seriously did I mention my hair looks amazing?!

$99 AND she will let us do layaway she says. 

Ding ding ding...we have a sucker winner!!!

We payed it off today, I came home and immediately used it.
Seriously...I do think it was worth it. I LOVE it. 

It's a Royale

In pink!

Their websites says:
"100% Ceramic plates radiate far-infrared heat, preserving moisture in the hair shaft and protecting the hair cuticle from damage."
My hair is sooo soft and shiny.
I've read a lot of ratings on it and it is supposed to be one of the better ones out there, better than Chi even.

So really if I'd never stopped I would have not known what I was missing and been $100 richer, but no regrets at all!


  1. Cute share, Nicki! I've hadmoments like this, too.
    Have a lovely & safe holiday weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. You should post a picture of your new style!! I would love to see it!!

  3. Well now crap. You're making me think I shouldn't get the body perm I was seriously thinking of getting.

    Cindy Bee

  4. I would never be able to use those on my hair. It does work very nicely with young folks with long, pretty hair. y granddaughter uses it all the time.

  5. I'm in the same category as you when it comes to my daily routine...although usually not stretchy pants but comfy jeans (not "designer" styles).
    I was laid up a lot of the winter with my foot in a cast cuz (yay...not!) the day after my birthday I broke it! Anyway...I gave myself a mini-splurge too as a "I'm done with my cast!" gift. Got the Olay Regenerist for Aging skin starter kit! I thought I'd seen it for $60 in a magazine but found it was $29 at Walmart. Can you imagine what the checkout lady must have thought when she saw that, hair coloring, foundation and new lipstick in my cart? Probably thought: "Hmmm....a DIY 'fix-it' kit for an older lady. Hope it works!!" LOL! Sometimes we just have to splurge on something. Do you have a photo of your with your gorgeous hair? :-)


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