Friday, April 15, 2011

The Power of Blogworld

When I first started blogging almost 6 months ago I had no idea what I was doing, what my intentions were, or what would come of it.
 *Appolgies in advance for all of the "recycled" pics. My back is still pinched, so I've been unable to do much of anything new*

So far in these 6 months I have watched rooms of my house transform dramatically.

*Dining Room*



In the last 6 months, my photography skills have greatly improved.

I've started crafting and finally learned to sew.

As I sit here today, reflecting over the last 6 months, I can't help but think this would not have happened without all of you. All of your wonderful blogs, suggestions, and lovely comments have kept me going, taught me new things, and inspired me so very very much.

I know I am not one of the "big time" bloggers, so I don't know how much that means coming from me, but I do truly hope each of you knows how much I appreciate you and that I recognize this little old blog would not have been what it is without you. 
My house would not be looking as good without you. I would not have taken the leap to learn to sew and better my photography skills, and try new things without YOU.

Thank you!!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. very sweet post...i feel much the same way...i suppose that creativity breeds creativity...seeing so much loveliness here in blogworld has inspired me to write, craft, photograph and decorate in ways i simple wouldn't have otherwise...thanks for posting!



  2. Brava - clapping for this post. Found the broader blogging world (beyond 'work' related blogs) a couple of months ago and it has opened my eyes in unexpected ways. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. No, thank you. You have wonderful ideas too! Keep it up!

  4. i am a new follower to your blog and have so enjoyed the inspiration i have found here. it is truly a special kinship we all share. i too have been inspired to transform my home and my surroundings in so many ways that have only enhanced the beauty i see everyday. i feel so blessed to be a part of it all. merci...

  5. Nicki this is such a sweet post, because I get you exactly! I love how blogging inspires us all in so many different ways. It's so darn addictive! I don't mind that I am not a "big" blogger, I love people who read and follow us because they like what we do. One thing I want to work on is being more original in my style, LOL! I call myself "inspired by" by sometimes I'm really just a copycat! ;-)
    Hope your back is better soon!!
    P.S. LOVE the kitchen floor, is it tile or linoleum that looks like tile???

  6. love your blog & have been following for awhile now..keep sharing and inspiring us with your beautiful ideas!

  7. Isn't blogging wonderful. I have really enjoyed following your blog!

  8. @All That Jazz

    It's actually the really cheap sticky linoleum squares! The previous people who lived here ripped up all of the flooring and just painted grey over the subflooring. We couldn't afford anything to fancy, but got tired of getting splinters so we just bought 4 boxes of the sticky tabs and hoped it would look good when we were done! That actually makes me so happy that you asked! That means it's not totally obvious that we went with the cheap-o stuff!!!!

  9. Nicki~ it was in you the whole time.... you just needed an edge to get it out!
    Your home is beautiful!!!
    Now enjoy your weekend...and your talent!

  10. I feel exactly the same way! Bloggers are the best and it's fabulous to get feedback or suggestions from others! I too take more pictures and really think about things a little differently as they're "happening"... I think it makes you actually slow down and appreciate all the love and beauty around us!


  11. You are so right. Blogging and the blogging community helps me be abetter designer (of my own home) too. This is very sweet. that's what I love, real people being their kind selves.

  12. such a great post,i am new to blogging and i would love to learn so much in 6 months,great photo's and a wonderful home :)


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