Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Should I?

So last week I did not act fast enough on the Antique Factory Carts.

Now I've found someone who has 60 dozen blue Ball Mason jars all in great shape but without the lids (quart and pint size)

The deal is "if you buy 20 dozen or more then they are only $10 per dozen."
I am shocked because my husband has given me the go ahead to get 20 dozen.

But I am wondering is it worth it without the lids? I know it comes out to less than $1 each but I am not so sure if this is really a deal.


  1. go go go...get em! You will figure out something for I have seen really cool pendant lights & chandeliers made from them and you would need a bunch for that!

  2. Get them u will find lids or some other ideas! judy

  3. What's stopping you ... GO!
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  4. oh they're gorgeous even whiteout the lids!! such a steal for that price...perfect for bud vases, etc! and, who knows, you may find some zinc lids in need of some "jars."

  5. Sounds like a very good deal! I love them for flower vases.

    Thank you for visiting me today.


  6. I'll Take them! :) if only i didn't live so far away, I am looking for some for my wedding in august

  7. Yes, great deal! You can still sell them w/out the lids for $5-8 around here. And maybe you can post an ad looking for just the lids? I was in an antique store a couple years ago and they were selling a whole ton of the lids super cheap!

  8. I find them at garage sales quite often and I buy them with our without the lids. I use them for vases and I don't think there is anything prettier on the table with flowers in them. (I actually have a post ready to go on blue ball jars but never seem to get it sent) Plus, I also use them for canning and the newer lids fit the older ball jars, so you don't HAVE to have the lids. There are a ton of uses for ball jars. I have them on my front porch with shells and sand in them, I have them in the windows with sand and tea lights in them...Try to get a better deal if you buy the whole lot of them.

    Cindy Bee

  9. It is deffinetly a good deal. I would get them...I have them with lids but I don't even need the lids for all of them anyway!!!



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