Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Obsession

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My latest obssesion.......

French Macaroons. I've never had one but with so many gorgeous colors and flavors I imagine they must be wonderful! 

I plan to make them for my birthday party this year as one of the treats my guests will be taking home.

Photo from A Touch of Vintage Chic
I purchased 16 of these today from Ebay to put the macaroons in.

I'm more of an Etsy kind of gal but this Ebay shop is amazing...... 


  1. I've never tried them, either, but they sure have made the rounds in all the blogs I've read. I found these super cute felted macaroons on etsy - check out my post here to see a pic:

    So cute!! I hope to try one soon - there's a French bakery I plan to visit soon. Hope all goes well for your birthday!!


  2. Did you know the new french bakery off of Main St has them? I had my first one in January. The are yummy AND pretty. I'm buying some to put in the goodie bags for my girl's birthday next weekend.

  3. @Jen Kershner
    Jen~ Thank you thank you thank you! This is sort of sad....but I didn't know there was a bakery down there.It took me almost 6 months to discover the village and even though I'm 3 minutes away I've only been in the shop area twice! I'm really going to have to go over there and look around some!

  4. What a cute idea for your party...let me know how you make them and what they taste like (I've never had one either!)

  5. If I made them, I'd never quite get around to sharing them.


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