Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Antique Bed Sneak Peak and Etsy Buys

First I wanted to share with you two recent Etsy purchases I made from a couple of wonderful Etsy sellers. Both items came wrapped so fabulously!!
I bought these from a local Etsy shop Hoosier Sunshine to wear in my hair for my 30th 2nd Annual 29th Birthday Party. (It's a costume party with a Marie Antoinette theme!)

They came wrapped in this little box with a ribbon (kids lost the ribbon already) and a little treat, which I enjoyed while sitting here blogging.

She has AMAZING jewelry and I will be going back to her shop for more goodies.

Then there were my tea towels from The Growers Daughter. If you've not been to her blog it's also a must see The Growers Daughter Blogspot

Included in with my package was a lavender sachet. It smells wonderful!

I so wish I was this put together with my packaging!

Next as promised I am sharing just another peak of the bed I picked up over the weekend. I've given it to my oldest daughter, and it turned out so gorgeous it has prompted an entire room re-do. So you will get to see full pics of the bed when the whole room is revealed. I know, another wait, booo. But I'm soooo excited about this. I even sewed (YES I sewed again!) a duvet out of soft floral vintage sheets.

Remember it started out as this, with the terrible sponge paint job.......

Well here she is now......
Hard to believe it's the same bed. It's amazing what paint can do!

I hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! And Happy March 1st!

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  1. Amazing is right! I've been thinking about Indiana a lot recently. It is where I went to high school and university. I wonder if Zionsville is still the place where the landscape changes from agrarian to city? There's a farmer looking down on you and being grateful that you've loved the farmhouse as much as they did.

  2. the hair pins are so vintage- omgoodness i cant believe you painted your find already i'm amazed at all the great things you do i cant wait to see the finish have a great day

  3. Oh my word, I couldn't even tell what the sponge painted thing was...its a FRENCH bed!! Sp jealous of your find....

  4. @American in Bath

    Zionsville has had a lot of building up in the last few years, large editions and Mcmansions, but still has a lot of great farm and wooded areas. Our house is mostly surrounded by woods and a large horse pasture.
    I've lived in Indiana my entire life and never really considered anywhere but here!

  5. @Amy @MaisonDecor

    Yes It is a French bed....underneath all that terrible funky paint!

  6. That is beautiful. You took it from an ugly duck to a swan. Can't wait to see the whole bed!!! ~~Sherry~~

  7. Oh, who would do such a thing to that pretty bed?! You did a great transformation. Your daughter is a lucky girl. Beautiful! Look forward to seeing the room reveal! :) Michelle

  8. If the bed could talk, I think it would say "Thank you! You made me beautiful again!" Your project really turned out well.

  9. AWESOME!!! such a gorgeous piece and I love it in the white. thanks for another great link!


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