Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing with the New Camera

My hunky sweet hubby gave me the go ahead to buy a semi professional camera, something around $300-$400. I've been using an older HP Photosmart camera that my dad gave me a few years ago. To be totally honest until I started blogging, I hadn't really realized that though my camera took okay pictures for a hand me down, it wasn't really the great quality I enjoy seeing on so many other blogs out there.

But once I had the money in hand the idea of such a large purchase on a camera was giving me a nervous twitch. I mean really I only want one to blog with and to post items for sale. I'm not going into professional photography. Not to mention after several years of owning the hand me down, I still have NO IDEA what half of the functions are on it. If I bought one of the expensive fancy whirly gigs, I'd probably completely spaz when faced with attempting to use it and never actually use it.

So I went from store to store to store doing my research and finally got a fairly honest sales person who told me pretty much what I had suspected....the newer higher quality point and shoots are just as good as the expensive professional cameras when the only thing I will be using it for is blogging and listing items for sale. The difference is a few hundred dollars. 

Not to knock the pro cameras of course. They are great if you have the money to spend and need something with all the fancy functions.Turns out as much as I originally wanted one, I didn't need one.

I settled on the Nikon Coolpix with 7X zoom and 14.2 Megapixels. It was on sale at Target for $140. Which still seemed like a lot to spend but much better than the amount I had originally been given the go ahead to spend. It takes video too, though I still haven't ventured into trying that out. It has blink detection, smart portrait, subject tracking......none of this is stuff I know ANYTHING about. It may even turn out like my last camera......I'll have it for years and never know a thing about all the functions.

One thing I do at least know, it takes AMAZING pictures. 
These are my first attempts......


  1. GReat pics! I love the doorknob one. Happy you got a new camera and look forward to your artful posts.

  2. This is great info to have. I feel the same way about a fancy camera which is why I've been putting off buying one. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. You've just said everything that I have expressed to professional photographer friends. Their answers were all the same; they said to buy the camera that you've just mentioned. And your photos have just given me the guts to do just that.

  4. I am so glad this helped! I didn't know others would be in the same position as me when I posted it. I put off buying forever because I was afraid I wouldn't get good quality out of a digital. But really the quality is sooo good for the price!

  5. LOVE the typewriter key photo!


  6. I'm with you on all of the functions. I have a $100.00 "Christmas Special" from a local store that "one of the best" at the time. It's probably two years old. Anyway, this past summer I accidentally discovered it takes videos!!! I wonder what else it does!

    Cindy Bee


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