Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Finds

Just a few of the things I found at the Goodwill Outlet this weekend. Most were under a pound so I paid .69 cents or less per item. The standing lamp was only $2.99!!

ADORABLE seat cushion. This will probably go on something for the big sale!
She's chipped but I couldn't pass her up! 1956 Lady Head Vase

Vintage Bags

Vintage Hat

What are these things anyway???

Silver Spoon, enamel handle

Lot of random silver plate

Mirror tray with some of the goodies

Silver plate gravy boat with white chippy finials

Had to have it! Going to paint it and use it for my shop sign!

Yeahhh needs a new paint job!

Standing lamp $2.99

Base of lamp


Found this awhile ago at the Outlet. I think I am going to switch the crystals out for some of the tear drops instead.

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  1. Great finds! Where o where is this Goodwill???? I can't ever seem to find goodies like that at mine...

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  2. Jillian, it is a Goodwill Outlet. Some states don't have them.(I really have no idea why because they are fantastic) We have 3 nearby in Indianapolis. But they do vary. The one closest to me is the only one I go to because it usually has great finds. The other two not so much.

  3. Lucky you.Fabulous finds.I am so eager to get to one of the outlets.I have simply got to find one.Enjoy!

  4. Wow, I like my Goodwill Outlet, but it's nothing like yours. I've never seen jewelry or silver or nice purses or hats. And except for glass, everything starts at $1.59/lb. Lucky you.

  5. So much great stuff I love the lamp


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