Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Fun

 My oldest daughter and I ventured into town today for the Zionsville Farmers Market. My goal was to score some local honey, which I did...from two different booths because we use a lot of honey so why not?? 

I was thrilled to also pick up some white sage, turkey feathers, and crystals which I promptly came home and wrapped with wire and turned into necklaces. 
They are listed at The Vintage Farmhouse 

I am super duper in LOVE with herkimer diamonds 
right now so I was more than thrilled to find some of those. 
 My daughter {that's her with the pink hair, isn't she adorable with her angry "I'm gonna eat you donut!!" face?!} was pleased to score the very last donut on what just might possibly be the cutest food truck in the entire history of ever. 
It was a cocopuff donut. I haven't had cocopuffs in forever and was a little jealous!


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  1. Hi, I'm new to your blog ... I agree the donut truck is sweet! And so is your daughter! Your necklaces look amazing and so creative! Have a great week!


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