Monday, June 29, 2015

Donut Party

Life, as usual, has been pretty busy and I almost completely forgot to post pictures from my daughters birthday party back in April!!

When asked what theme she would like for her 7th birthday with a huge grin she said DONUTS!! {Definitely not the healthiest option in the world, but hey birthdays only happen once a year!!}

And donuts seem to be the new cupcake so there was a plethora of themed items on Etsy and a few we created ourselves on Vistaprint. 

 The epicly adorable donut bunting is from SewManUniverseMaster

 The donuts are from Dunkin Donuts.

 I purchased clear balloons and used a hole punch on the crepe paper that we used for the fringe bunting to make confetti and fill the balloons.

 I found the donut pinata tutorial here

 Once the kids began to arrive it got a little wild and I forgot to get pictures of the goodie bags. 
Each kiddo got a donut shaped cookie from Cookie Confections by Leanne
Super impressed with the shipping and quality! They have a ton of themed cookies perfect for any holiday or event and they are delish!


  1. It looks like a 7 year old girl's dream party everything looks wonderful.
    I never would have thought of doughnuts as a theme for a party.
    Have a great week.

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I love planning kids parties!


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