Friday, January 23, 2015

Settee Make Over

 Ok so I got an awesome deal on a French style settee. The catch was it was gold and not a lovely antique gold with patina but a way to bright glaring gold. I wish I had gotten a better picture before I dived right in, but my camera lens is scratched, it was dark outside, and I was way to anxious to do something about the gold. 
To be honest I wanted to do minimal work to it, but that striped fabric had to go. I HATE upholstery work. Rank it up there on my list of least favorite things to do, plus it's time consuming so enter plan B. Paint it!!!

I painted the fabric with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint in Schloss one of the new fantastic colors from her European Paint Line that was just released today!

If you are local you can get it at my favorite shop in town Fivethirty Home
They also have classes and sell online!

My next step was to use Miss Mustard Seeds White Wax all over the frame to tone down that gold. I let it sit for a few minutes and then buffed it out in places where I wanted some of the gold to peek back through.

I added a little bit of the white wax and buffed on the upholstery too. I think it lended to an aged French Nordic feel.

I chose to leave the bottom of it the way it was, un-upholstered with just the burlap. I'm digging deconstructed furniture lately.
And ta da!!!

{I so wish I had better photos to show. Some day I am going to get this thing replaced!!}

Here is the close up again where you can see the detail and how nicely the wax tones down the brightness and how the buffing brings the details out.


  1. Really nice job on this...I feel inspired to tackle mine now. Thanks!

  2. beautiful pictures !!! love greetings from angie from Germany

  3. I gasped, it's so gorgeous. I love it.


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