Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Kitchen Cabinets

So the Sunday before last I headed out to Lowes with my husband because they had some decent blinds on sale for $4....

I was just going in for blinds........

I came out with 2 sets of blinds, an adapter socket for the front porch light so we can plug in Christmas lights, Christmas lights, 2 trees for the front porch, a lamp wiring kit, bows for the two trees, a clock.....

oh yeah and kitchen cabinets and counters.

We've talked about it for years. We've set dates to do it and then life got in the way or we just lost focus. But when we were at Lowes we walked by some of the cheap affordable do it yourself cabinets and we were both like hey lets do it!!

Because sure why not, all sane people decide to replace their cabinets less than a week before a big family dinner and during the holiday season. 

So we head home and he just takes the hammer to the old cabinets. They were sagging and rotten and came out basically with a little push. 
 What we failed to think about is that there would be nearly 100 years worth of really gross stuff under there and the clean up would actually take more work than installing the cabinets.
The new sink was a free find last summer at a yard sale. It is much deeper than the old one and the faucet is pretty sweet!!
So far we have reached the point of putting them in, and getting the fist coat of paint on them. 

Then we had a family dinner, which I chose as a "great" time to take a photo of the close to finished product with food and stuff all covering it of course.

See the blinds above the sink? Yep, those were the $4 blinds I went in for.
Since I took this photo Mr. Vintage Farmhouse has put trim on there. Hoping to have some finished photos soon if the flu will stop circulating our household!!


  1. Looks wonderful!!! We just finished painting our kitchen cabinets that we had been intending to paint for 8 yrs. we used MS Sharkey Grey and yours look like the same color. Maybe it is just the lighting. Are they grey or white? It is fun to have a beautiful kitchen for Christmas. Enjoy.

  2. So there with you! We're creating...read tearing out and rebuilding where never was one...a 2nd washroom two weeks before Christmas! (renovating a 1955 home in Northern Alabama) Looking good! Look forward to seeing it all!

  3. Ugh...we are doing everything we can to avoid the flu. My MIL had it and we stayed away. This week, my Shug is in school for his work and the teacher has it! He said the teacher is sweating and chilling all day long. His name is Bob and they are calling him Ebola Bob! (men!)
    Your cabinets look great. I'm going to assume you'll be sticking around the area for awhile.

    Cindy Bee


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