Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Finds

 I haven't been to any yard sales all summer so Saturday my sweet husband agreed to go with me.
Our first stops were here in Zionsville, and then we decided to head on up to the small town of Kirklin for their flea market. 
I had passed through but never stopped in Kirklin before, but I was pleasantly surprised at all the fun things I found at the flea. We walked around town to several of their adorable little shops where I picked up a few things as well.
 These are some of my favorite small finds. A Johnson Bros Ironstone sugar bowl, an old mirror that was in the office of a local doctor way way back in the day, a cloche on a pedestal, this teachers clock {to teach little ones to tell time}, and the bottle with silver lid.
 I also picked this up, mainly because the price was good and I thought it would make a cool display. 
This is an old drill press for barn wood, to drill out the holes and insert dowels!

 I scored this Empire Library table. Great story here~this actually belonged to someone who once lived in the house I live in now. So the possibility is good that this is not the first time this piece has lived in this house!
I plan to strip and stain or use hemp oil. I believe this piece does not need paint. It might have a home at the top of the stairs.

 I grabbed this pair of curtains. The lady who sold them to me made them. The fabric is Waverly and they were very well made.

 The stool was a cheap score, and the so was the chair. I think the chair will look good with the library table once refinished. 

When we got back home my ex husband was waiting and pouting because he wanted to go to yard sales too. So he and I went back out for a bit more. 

I bought a vintage Ethan Allen cabinet for $30 and several other small random things. No pics of any of those yet.

It was a pretty great day!!


  1. What a beautiful home. Those peacocks and the hydrangea lined lane are stunning. I think it's always best to follow your heart and not trends! Take care.
    a modern Container Home in Australia

  2. Nice finds Nicki! I went to some of the worlds longest garage sale and hardly found anything. Everyone wants such high prices! Ugh! I think next year the hubs and I will set up at it. :)

  3. Score! I love everything you bought especially the table, mirror and! You made out!

  4. WOW! What a score. I believe you had a wonderful trip! You sure came home with some amazing finds. I love the mirror and the table. How cool that the table is now back home where it belongs!

  5. Cool finds. You crack me up with the whole husband/ex-husband thing!

    Cindy Bee


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