Monday, June 16, 2014

More Vendors

Please welcome the next round of vendors
{I'm trying to do these in batches, but we have so many amazing vendors I can NOT contain myself!!}
 Butter Beans Antiques was launched in 1990 by Owner / Designer Amy Nolfo-Wheeler. Scouring city streets, country back roads & European markets for vintage wares; ButterBeans remains focused on seeking out antique furniture with original painted surfaces as well as re-purposing vintage furniture, antique textiles & vintage lighting for your home, shop & cottage. Growing up in the country, Amy learned very early there is a joy in the simplicity and warmth of time worn finishes, weathered patinas and well loved textiles. Butter Beans strives to offer their customers simple, cozy, casual and most importantly, unique furnishings and home accessories. Amy moved back to her home state of Michigan in 2009 and in 2012 married long time friend Bradley Bingley of The Tao of Restoration. Their businesses work "hand in hand".... Together, she designs and he builds from salvage many of the beautiful & unique furniture pieces featured at their many shows across the country. Along with running their family business, Working as Contributors to The Junk Market Style website, Amy & Hubby Brad share their lives with their 5, fun loving and ever adventurous children... AKA, their beloved "Hobbits". Amy considers it a gift to be able to pursue her passion for design, antiques and re-purposing while making a living. In her words... "Our customers are our greatest treasures, because of them we are able to live the life we love, care for our family and each day create new and beautiful furnishings to share with the world... We are ever grateful for this amazing opportunity."

Please Welcome Hull Family Homestead to the Summer Market Line Up!! 
We are the Hull Family: Kelin, Brian, and our two children, Chloe and Liam. Kelin is a former professional chef turned stay-at-home-homesteader, and Brian is an engineer with a fine art painting degree. Our family is founded on a shared dream of self-sufficiency, not because we wish to be free of the constraints of a community, but because we believe a community grows stronger the stronger its inhabitants. We believe in whole foods, in taking care of ourselves and the Earth around us. We strive to instill these beliefs into our children, and we proudly instill them into our products. In all of our products - breads, jams, syrups, and more - we have taken great effort to source as much local, "pledge-no", or organic as we can find. Because it matters.

"The Shed Interiors began in 2013 with a deer head on the living room wall and a fiancĂ© who used her creativity, along with a little muscle, to build a stylish home around it. Emilia King, and her soon to be husband Bryce, have spent the last year building wood clocks, barn doors, farmhouse tables, riddling wine racks, inspirational wall signs, and much, much more. In the process, they have created a look and a business they love and enjoy sharing with others. Each distinctive piece is hand crafted in Fort Wayne, Indiana out of new or reclaimed wood, and it is The Shed’s desire to bring that unique touch to your home."

Please welcome J. Alexander Home to the Summer Market line up!!
"Growing up in a historic log home with parents who loved design and antiques, I established a love for beautiful and eclectic things at a very young age. I love mixing materials, old with new and combining textures and colors! I started J. Alexander Home in 2007 to bring my love for home and garden to fruition, as well as host Handmade Harvest Vintage Farm Fair on our family farm in the fall. We design and create custom, handmade furniture, as well as sell decorative garden accessories and other home furnishings. I have a marketing, design and retail buying background, as well as co-own a landscaping company with my husband. I love all things home and garden and thank God and my family everyday for the opportunity to share my passions!"

Please welcome Mint Lilly to the Summer Market line up!
Mint Lilly was started by Elisa, an Icelandic native, in 2011. Mint Lilly offers handcrafted jewelry, infinity scarves & turban headbands. Elisa's long-term interest in fashion design plays a large roll in her inspiration and approach to design. Colour, shape, texture & contrast are the foundational elements for Mint Lilly's designs.
Elisa says, ''Doing pop-ups and markets are one of my favorite parts of my business, because I get to personally meet & chat with the people that will be wearing and appreciating my designs.''

Please Welcome Paper Lace Creations to the Summer Market Line Up! "I'm Lael, owner of Paper Lace Creations. I'm so excited to say that I'll be a second-time vendor at The Vintage Farmhouse Market! I love hunting for vintage decor, paper crafting and mixed media. My biggest passion is transforming antique and vintage furniture back to it's former glory with chalk paint, stencils, & transfers with a shabby, French country flair! The most gratifying part for me is participating in the market scene, interacting with those who see my vision and appreciate my style. "
Please welcome Boone County Uniques to the summer market line up! Our friend Sid has a shop in Advance IN. He has a great eye for vintage pieces and always has an awesome selection.

Please welcome Suzy's Unique Boutique to the Summer Market Line up! 
After raising seven children, Suzy was able to spend more time hunting and gathering vintage furniture, kitchenware, and linens. She really doesn't know which she likes best - gathering, reimagining, or presenting at markets! Her business, Suzy's Unique Boutique, has grown over the past 18 years into a retail store, a warehouse for clients, vending at vintage markets, and visual merchandising consulting work.

Please welcome Revived Home to the Summer Market line up!! 

About Sara:I suffer from panic & anxiety and my kids realized I was much more calm when I was painting and crafting, so I took a queue from them and decided to buy a $30 antique vanity from Craigslist. I named her, and painted her white and within a week, I sold her for much more!! That one piece started 'Revived', one piece became 2, then 10, then a garage full. I met people who told me about local markets where I could show my stuff, and in 2013 my husband and I hauled our stuff to 5 markets in Indiana, and to Hob Nob Market in Illinois last fall. I couldn't do any of this without the help of my husband Eric (aka Mr Revived as he's called on our site) and our 4 girls. Its truly a family business, the girls love to help us pick - and we pick everywhere.. Indy, Chicago, and even Round Top Texas, as we did this Spring. Looking forward to our busy summer hauling our stuff around, and having people love it!!


  1. I am soooo lucky to have found you! I am local and this will be my first time to one of your events. Can't wait until Friday! :)

  2. Beautiful! Wish I lived nearby. I would surely go! :^) patsy


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