Monday, April 7, 2014


Our second craft workshop was this past Saturday and one of the things we made was birds nest on old bed springs.
 I wish I had taken photos during the workshop! Spring break did such a number on my brain that I've been completely forgetful. 
 Having 3 kids home for a week, all sick along with my husband as well, was not ideal. I've been obsessively hand washing and praying that I don't get it. Of course I woke up on Tuesday, which was my birthday, feeling like death warmed over. Luckily it was just one day of feeling like I was coming down with something. Probably just my paranoia over not wanting to be sick!
We had a really fun class. I want to thank all of the lovely ladies who attended and Boone County Uniques for letting us use their back room for it.
I have a busy week ahead of me. Tons of painting, crafting, and displaying to get our garage turned back into a cute little shop and not looking like a hoarders paradise. I've been saving up tons of farm fresh goodies for the re-opening.
 This table was done in Pebble Beach from Country Chic Paint {which I will have available on Friday!!}
with a dark wax on top. 
{Table will also be available for sale!}

Hope everyone survived Spring break!
Happy Monday!!!


  1. Wow I wish I could be there to help you get ready that way I could have first choice. Lol

  2. Love the nests on the bed Springy!

  3. Hmmm...we are thinking of getting a new mattress....I wonder if our old one has these springy thingys in it!!! Very cute.

    Cindy Bee

  4. I love this project! It's so cute perfect for spring decorating and Easter! I wish I was close enough to attend your workshops. I'm sure they're a blast! Hugs, Leena

  5. I ordered 2 soap dishes from you towards the end of Feb. 2014, payment cleared my bank March 3rd, and I have yet to receive my merchandise. What is up with this?? Marcia Hager


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