Thursday, March 6, 2014

Glitter Workshop Pics & April Workshop


We had our first Craft workshop last weekend at Boone County Uniques in Advance IN
and it was so much fun!

Patty Antle over at Patty's Pretty Things
attended and wrote a glowing review with some details and instructions. 

Fantastic group of gals!

 The class was held in the back room of Boone County Uniques
a brand new store that my friend Sid has opened in Advance IN {west of Lebanon IN off of 32}

I took a few photos of the shop.

This green cabinet came home with me. 
{as well as several other items}

 Love love LOVE his store and his prices are AMAZING.

Our next workshop is set for April 5th from 2pm-4pm
{same place}
 I've already started picking up some supplies and am so excited!!
Here is the link for registration


  1. It looks like it was sooo fun! LOVE all the pretty spring creations.
    ~ Lin

  2. Yes, the store and the workshop is/was amazing! Thanks for mentioning my blog post, Nicki!

  3. Oh... I so wish you were closer!


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