Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Does Your Furniture "Speak" To You?

I like to think that my furniture "tells" me what it wants. Some pieces are masculine, some are feminine, some beg to be distressed to show their curves off.

I have had this drum table forever and a day it seems like. It's been from room to room and had coats of silver and then white paint. It never seemed to feel right, so today I took it out with the plans to sand it down to the original wood and then the sky was the limit.......
But as I went I felt like the pops of the silver/grey with the white still in the crevices was beyond perfect. It was finally "speaking" to me. It said this is what I want, heavily distressed with dark wood and light wood and everything in between and it worked. 
I'm keeping it. Oh yes I am. It's far beyond what has been going on decor wise in my house lately, but it's perfect for it at the same time. {Does that make any sense at all?}


  1. I love this table! It's perfect just the way it is!

  2. Nicki,
    It is perfect. I love it. It has lots of character now.

  3. I would so keep that table, it is GORGEOUS!

  4. I just did this with my coffee table. My mom had painted it, and there were drips and some of the paintw as peeling. Pulled out the sander and started going to town on it. When I finished sanding, I loved the look and decided to keep it that way. I waxed the top with clear wax so the kids don't "kill it" and for now, it is my favorite thing in the living room.

  5. Love love love it!!! All of my pieces speak to me ;). If you ever get tired of it, my furniture would welcome it with loving arms!!!!!

  6. The Drum Table Makes Total Sense In Its Perfect Spot.
    Love the distressed look to it, in fact I often prefer extra distressing to a piece then less.
    What a piece to demand attention now! and it loudly speaks out I have soul.

    Now I am off to paint.



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