Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Changes Around the House

It's been awhile since anyone has really seen what I have been up to around my house. Mostly because I have been so busy with other projects. I still have a bit to go...loving the white but it's a bit too stark and I need pops of something or another to ground it just a tad.

 The little candelabras once belonged to the woman that started my life long obsession with white and crystals.
I found the ironstone tureen at a garage sale for $5. Woohoo!
 Still trying to find the right rug for in here. Right now it's just a piece of scrap carpet. And I am hoping to change out the chandelier in the dining room soon.
The pillows came out of the shop for now. I made them using old grain sacks I picked up while out at a sale a few weekends ago.
 I'd love to sand the floors down, but probably won't since in all likelihood we will have to move by June of next year 
{yep, that's right, she finally gave us a time frame on when we will have to leave the house that has inspired it all *sad face*}
 I am pretty much in love with the dresser turned buffet that I found curbside back in May.
 All of the curtains are courtesy of old sheets. Ya'll know me! I am cheap!!
 Debating on keeping the mantle...not sure that I like it??
 Sofa table....also rescued from the curb.
 The only thing I spent much money on in the make over were the chairs at the dining table from Restoration Hardware. I loooove them and need to get more!!

So this is where I am at currently....still more to do...it's a process!


  1. black and white stripes for the carpet...and for some reason I'd like to see green in the room. Maybe forest green for the rug? some growing plants would suit me just fine!

    1. I do love green!! It's my current favorite color!!

  2. Your home is beautiful! Love that mantle! HA I am cheap too.Just found vintage sheets and made them into curtains....without sewing because I don't have a machine yet.Iron on webbing works wonders for the non-sewing challenged!

  3. Your style is wonderful! LOVE all the details in this room!

  4. OH how I love your style. Your room is so cheerful and pretty. I love all the touches a glam and vintage.

  5. You are one talented stylist, girl. Your home looks like something out of a magazine! Just beautiful!!!!!

    xoox laurie

  6. I love your chairs, too! Your house is looking lovely, and I'm so sad for you having to leave it soon. Hopefully something wonderful is waiting just around the corner.

  7. Love it all Nicki!! You have come so far in such a short time,!!! Congrats, but so sad you have to leave your house. I want a mantle!! :)

  8. Wow. Love the look! I would definitely keep that mantle...and after you move use it in a den, bedroom or dining room. Not sure where you got it, but I've been keeping my eye out for one to use at The French Hen Vintage and Collectibles in Rockville, IN. And I wouldn't worry about your impending move. With talent like yours, you could live in a chicken coop and it would look chic!

  9. I love your white farmhouse. Do not get rid of the mantle, it really draws me into the room and it gives it that unique eclectic feel that my artistic heart loves. Your curtains are so ethereal, I can't believe they are old sheets! I could live in your home...it is dreamy but mysterious in loveliness. I am a new follower!


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