Thursday, June 27, 2013

House & Store Update

Like most of my life, I can never be too sure what might happen from one day to the next. I think everyone's life is a bit like that, is it not?

 I've not been working on as many projects around here because we still don't know when we will be moving. We know a month to month lease is not a good thing, and we know we can not afford to live anywhere else in this gorgeous but ridiculously expensive town. The Village is actually a bit cheaper than the road we are on.....but $500,000 houses are still nowhere near our price range. {Try more like $70,000} Plus, who wants to pay that much to live in a cracker box of a house? 

We are looking more at the Fortville Indiana area right now. The houses are cheap {I can most likely find another old farmhouse} and the schools are pretty good for the town being a small cheap area. 

 So with not knowing the future of where we will call home, I won't be opening a brick and mortar at this point in time either. 
{Sad face}

But seriously, don't feel bad for me. This isn't a call for pitty, just an update. I myself am crazy flexible and can pick up and go whenever, where ever at the drop of a hat 
{not quite as easy with three kids in tow these days, but as long as I stay positive it's all good} 

I can make myself at home anywhere my feet land and as for the brick and mortar I take comfort in knowing the time isn't right but there will be other opportunities if that is the path that is meant for me. Plus I am honestly not so sure that it is the right path. I've been there, done that, had a brick and mortar and disliked the feeling of being tied down to it 24/7.

Right now I am enjoying not stressing as much over the house or the thought of opening a brick and mortar. I've had to take it easy because I STILL {and probabably always will} have days where my leg hurts badly from when I had blood clots running below my knee and into my lungs. Yaz and Beyaz are POISON and I urge anyone who is taking it or knows someone who is taking it to stop immediately.
More on that another day....

We've been enjoying the summer as a family and enjoying the down time. 
 We got a new kitten.
 Did some strawberry pickin.
 Made some jam.
 Kids helping clean out an old claw foot tub I brought home from a junkin trip. They asked me why I brought the bathtub outside to wash!

 We went to Eagle Creek to swim.

Hope ya'll are slowing down and taking the time to enjoy the sun and family too!


  1. I hope your dreams come to fruition, Nicki. Things always seem to work out for the best even if we think they take much too long to happen! I know.... Wishing you all the best. Hugs, Sue

    1. Thank you Sue! Are you going to come out to Hortons this year?

  2. Hello,
    Great post..
    A positive attitude is worth a lot! You sound like you have a great outlook.
    Beautiful kitty by the way.. my daughter is trying to talk us into getting one. :0)

    Blessings and Best wishes to you and yours..

    -Tina (

    1. Kittens are so cute and fun...until 3am when they want to play!

  3. Move to Wisconsin. Nearer Milwaukee. Soo many farms & Farmhouses in need of love & affordable.

    1. I'm not sure I could talk my husband into a move that far!

  4. Hope you find your forever home. In the meantime, it sounds like you are having fun and are keeping busy. The jam looks absolutely delish ;-)

    1. Thank you! The jam is simple to make to. I am thinking about posting a "how to"

  5. So glad your family is busy making wonderful memories.

  6. Yummy jam! You have the best attitude, and I know that you will find a home you can put your stamp on....I look forward to reading all about it, too.

    I admire you so much, Nicki.

    1. As much as I have loved this home, I am actually looking forward to the next chapter.

  7. The kitten is adorable but not near as cute as the children!!! Your little girl reminds me of my Grand Angel Madison with her huge smile and long hair!

    You have a wonderful attitude Nicki but it is still very hard living in limbo. Your doing just the right thing by 'controlling what you can' and making wonderful memories with your family in the meantime!!

    BTW Love your blog!


  8. Hey lady, I've been wondering what's been going on with the house situation and glad you posted about it. My Shug and I were just talking yesterday about how attitude is everything. It really is. And you seem to adjust your attitude to whatever situation you are in at the moment. Good for you. I hope you find a grand house, that is absolutely perfect for you, that you just LOVE and move out before you have to! how's that for attitude!!!

    Cindy Bee

  9. Nicki, I think that sometimes we have to sit back, take a good look at what we've been doing, take a deep breath and wait for "further instructions". The right things will come along at the right times, I really believe that! In the meantime, enjoy the kids, the kitten, the husband, the sun and freedom of doing what you love! Hugs, Leena

  10. I can understand the woes of buying a new home. People want too much money for houses that are tiny and it is unfortunate. I love the new kitty. I really want to try my hand at canning as well if you have any tips.

    PhD Degree

  11. Adorable kitty...strawberries and jam look yummy...cutie patootie kiddos.
    I certainly understand about the brick & mortar store.....
    yep, been there done that.
    Good luck in your home search.


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