Monday, April 22, 2013

It Could Be Worse....

"It could be worse" 
that was my mantra all day Saturday after we stayed up all night Friday night fighting over three feet of water flooding into our basement. It's just clothes, and Holiday decorations, and our washer and dryer that are probably ruined. It's not like we can afford to go buy new stuff to replace it, but the house is still intact and we are safe so it could be worse.
Sunday morning comes and we check the water levels in the basement again only to find that a concrete wall has broken and pulled away from the side of the basement.  Now we are waiting on a contractor to come out and determine the extent of the damage. I never in my life thought I would see a day where I actually felt pings of jealousy when I saw photos of other peoples flooding and it was just "stuff" damaged. 
But it happened. The "it could be worse" situation might have come. If the contractor says that the foundation is damaged and the landlady can not afford to have it repaired or the cost is more than the house is worth, I won't just be losing stuff I will be losing most of my world.

You see, four years ago when we started looking to move, it was because we were still in the city I was born and raised in my entire life. We were moving almost once a year in that city trying to find a good school for my daughter. In kindergarten she came home with a bruised face and a bloodied eye. When I asked her if she told the teacher she told me yes but the teacher told her not to bother her during computer time. I thought, this can not be true so I called the teacher and the teacher repeated what she had told my daughter and said that she did not see anything wrong. DONE. How she could not have seen a black and blue face and eye ball that has popped blood vessels is beyond me
The next time we moved the only school choice was an ESL {English as a Second Language} school. Well it turned out even though it was all the district kids that went there, they only focused on the non English speaking kids and my daughter fell further behind on learning to read and math.

Next move during parent teacher night the teacher announced that they were no longer going to teach science or history. The school had such a high failure rate that they could only focus on teaching reading and math to keep the kids test scores up. And this was supposed to be a blue star school for that township!
All of the schools were in the same township and had a failure rate of over 60%.

We kept moving in the same area because we were poor and couldn't afford anything anywhere else. I kept thinking surely one of these schools will be good enough to give my children half a chance at some sort of future. But it never got better. 
Then an opportunity came, a farmhouse with 5 bedrooms on 4 acres in Zionsville, a town with some of the BEST schools in Indiana for $800 a month.
Finally a chance for something I can actually do for my children. A chance to give them something a good, a shot at a good education so they don't have to suffer in life like I have. I was a high school drop out, a product of the same schools I had my daughter in. No chance or dream of college or a better life in my future
$800 a month was more than we could afford, we had never paid that much for rent anywhere else. But I was NOT missing this chance. I sold half of my furniture, I sold our only vehicle. We came here with a hope and a dream.
The need to be able to pay this higher rent than we have ever paid is what spurred me to start my business.  
This house IS The Vintage Farmhouse. It is the heart and soul of everything I have accomplished in the last four years.
The kids have flourished with roots, made friends, have a better chance in life from the amazing schools here. I have created a business from the ground up, raised chickens, grown gardens, become some one who doesn't see just a bleak future ahead.
So now maybe you can see why I am scared. Why I am praying that the repairs can be made to this house and we won't have to leave. This town is the 3rd most expensive town in Indiana. There is no way we will be able to afford another house here. To this day I can't believe what kind of luck landed in our lap to find this house at this price to begin with. $800 a month in Zionsville is unheard of. 
I'm praying, it's all I can do. Just pray that the "it could be worse" situation is not upon us.  
The Vintage Farmhouse  


  1. Prayers to you and your family! Chin ARE a fighter!!!!!

  2. Wow Nicki, I am so sorry for what is happening with you right now. You are such a good mom to be so intentional about making a better life for your daughter than you had and I applaud you for that. Praying God's biggest blessings over you and your family and the he will turn this situation around and make something really good come out of it for you.

  3. I have been to your quaint little town... Our daughter in law is a beautician there in a shop and Ihave shopped the little shoppes... Hope and best wishes sent to you..

  4. I am so sorry this is happening, all positive thoughts your way. I feel completely inadequate, I don't have words, but just keep on believing that things will work out & you will always find a way!

  5. Prayers sent your way. This is a hard path to travel - the uncertainty can be nauseating. I am really sorry that you are having to go through this.

  6. Sorry to hear this devastating news, Nicki. Hope things work out for you and your family. ~Sue

  7. Nikki, sending many prayers for you, your family, the entire situation.

  8. I am praying for you and your family. I hope everything works out. Blessings!

  9. So sorry you are walking through this and I understand why you are scared.I send many Blessings and Prayers your way.

    Do you know there are many programs for first time buyers and the payment can be as low as your rent payment now.If the landlord can't pay maybe you can buy and repair it yourself.The landlord could give you the money at closing to fix it? It's an idea! I know in Oregon there are a lot of new programs that can help and FHA loans out there.It's worth a shot :)

    My best to you, K.Marie

  10. Hi Nikki, you are such a strong woman and loving Mom that I am sure God will carry you through this. Sending prayers your way!

    Take care!:)

    Big hugs

  11. Praying for you, your family, and for a positive outcome. You are strong, you have fought in the past and won. Do not be discouraged, but be encouraged.

    This quote is taped to my computer screen. I live by this because fear will overtake if I let it and I cannot let it. Neither can you...
    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ~Isaiah 41:10

    Be well, be strong.

  12. No worries, their insurance should cover the expense! Insurance on rentals is expensive so let the insurance do it's thing! Hold on to hope!

    1. it could depend on if the place is insured or not.if no mortgage.... i dont know details, also maybe fema could help out with this!!!!! i was to close on a house may 1st. it flooded, so im in same boat. bad choice of words... or possibly could repair self, if knowledge of this thing. just a thought.

  13. Nicki, I'll pray that all will be well. It's hard when you have to leave behind what you love. Zionsville is a beautiful town and I'd fight tooth and nail to stay there too if it were me.
    I don't live but an hour from you in West Lafayette and all the rain has hit this area hard especially with 2 rivers and a large creek that run through the area.
    You have my prayers,

  14. oh my goodness! i am so very sorry for all that you are going through right now. SO very sorry. I will keep you in my prayers DAILY! I promise! know that you are not alone. my heart is with you!

  15. Hi Nicki, from a sweet post about your daughters birthday with Hello Kitty to this ~
    I'm so sorry, I will be keeping You & your lovely family in My Prayers.....
    Your "It could be worse" attitude I hope & Pray will be replaced with "It's So Much Better"
    real soon....

  16. Nicki, I just popped over here from FB to see the post about your daughter's birthday, and then scrolled down to this. I know it must be tremendously stressful to wait about the house. You have alot of support here. Whatever happens with the house, you have to believe, even if you can't see it now, that something good will come of all this. Praying for you and your family right now.


  17. I'm not a crier but this made me cry. I hope, with all my heart, that the house can be saved and you can stay in the home you have made into something so special!

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  20. Oh no Nicki...hoping everything turns out well and will be thinking positive and keeping you in my prayers!

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your damage Nicki and I'm hoping this will resolve in a positive way for you and your family.

  22. "Ye though I walk THROUGH the valley of death....." He will never leave you nor forsake you. Keep walking in faith, my sister.


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