Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I feel like a really bad blogger lately! The last couple of months have been filled with enough to keep me busy for the next ten years. 
Then there has been sad news on nearly every front. The least of it being that it looks like I am going to have to get rid of "Vintage Darlin". We've been told basically that it is not aesthetically pleasing. I guess that is what happens when you are the poor people living in the 3rd most expensive town in the state.....the uber rich people driving their Bentleys don't see the beauty in a cute little vintage camper. They don't understand the struggle of someone trying to start up a business to help provide the best they can for their children. It's hard, and it's sad. I'm not knocking the uber rich, just the ones who continue to complain about every little inane thing such as kids toys in the yard. I'd like to tell them that kids play and we can't afford a housekeeper or nanny to move the tiny plastic slide and picnic table out of their view every time the kids aren't using it. Actually, I'd like to tell them to stop seeking out these silly little "flaws" and worry about their own business 
{sorry I'm not sorry}

This has been the least of my worries to be honest. But that's the one I felt most comfortable sharing. Some would say I over-share, and that's just fine and dandy. But I think that sometimes others are going through the wringer like I am at the moment, and it just feels better to get it out, and to know that someone else is having a rough time too. Life is not always peaches and roses....

This to shall pass.

Soooo lets focus on the positive for a minute. There's so much to tell since I have been mostly MIA lately.

I made it back from Tennessee! It was great meeting a lot of new people. 

Also we are very excited to be participating in the Winter Woolen Workshop this coming weekend.
 And the house is featured this month in My 365 Magazine

So all in all, there are some good things to look forward to. 



  1. that so stinks! I can't believe anyone would not think that camper is to cute.....
    I can't even get my neighbor to pick up the trash in her front yard (that blows in mine!)
    On another note, your pictures are beautiful!

    1. It's the town we live in. I should have known there would be an issue. It's hard, but it's not the end of the world.
      Thank you! ♥

  2. Your vintage darlin is adorable, boo to those who don't share a love for vintage. You can vent, I know it feels good. I've got a draft of a blog post that I am too chicken to post, it's all venting. Getting it all out in one swoop. Wish me strength!!!

    Your TN pictures are simply gorgeous!

  3. I hear you! My neighbor was told she couldnt spray paint her items in her yard! Really! Come on! Or like when I was told to put the garbage can around back. Or to keep the shrubs looking nice.. So hate to see you sell your camper as I kept up with your journey through getting it home.. Hope things get better for you. I feel better for venting too! Thanks for listening.

  4. We got a camper cover from Camping World last year for our 5th wheel. If you covered it up with a nice trailer cover would that make them happy. Do you have enough room behind you house to hide it from their sight. I hate to see you lose it.

  5. --so sorry there is such a high price to pay for living in your beautiful neighborhood... avon neighbors aren't much different:(

    your article over at my 365 must have brightened your day--it's just darling, nicki, and so are your tn. pics:)

  6. Well hun some people don't appreciate the beauty in vintage pieces. I have a few vintage items in my flower gardens around the yard. So now the insurance company has threatened to drop our insurance because of the "junk" in the yard. So I feel for what you are going through. Stay positive and maybe there is a way you can still keep it. Maybe they will give you some time until it warms up and a new coat paint will be enough to make them happy. Hang in there things will get better.


  7. Move to the boonies Nicki and then you can do whatever you want! lol So sorry for all you are going through...very sad. :(

  8. Wow, that sounds as bad as an HOA. We know how they can be just from my daughter's dealings with them. Luckily she got approval to add some landscaping and we are hoping that will help take care of prying eyes. I had to help her draw up a plan to submit and I'll be helping out come Spring. It's too bad you can't keep your little beauty. I know you were so excited when you found it.

  9. Oh I feel so bad for you. I KNOW how some neighbours can be. Just be yourself and thank your lucky stars you are who you are. I always say those people who complain, can't be happy ~ don't worry be happy ;-)

  10. Hi Nicki,
    Wow that is pretty sad when you cannot have a cute little vintage camper on your property. The good news is that those are in such high demand you can sell it and someone will give it a good home. I would love to have a cute little camper like that to put in my backyard and fix up for a cute place to go in the summer months. I probably would get the same reaction from my neighbors too!!!! It is darling. Put it up on your site for sale and I bet you will have many bidders on this gem. Just a thought.

  11. I have wonderful neighbours and a couple of mean ones. Everytime I see them, I'm afraid of what they are going to tell me. So I understand what you mean, it's not the end of the world but it's a pain! They actually complained that my hazelnut trees had leaves growing in their garden, not branches, mind you (I have them trim every fall), leaves!!!

  12. I love your blog! So sorry to hear you have some not so nice neighbors :( please come and link up your post to centerpiece Wednesday and share all the eye candy of your shop.

  13. I'm on the market to buy a house and I have never been more sure about living in the country side. Wish I lived near you I would let you keep your camper at my house. Lets vow to never be like those people!!!

  14. Vintage Darlin will get scooped up in a hurry if you are selling her! Your space at the show looked amazing! Hang in there!

  15. Wish I would have known you were in TN I would have loved to meet you. Beautiful pics!

  16. That is really too bad that you have to get rid of the sweet little camper. If we lived near each other, I would let you park the cutie in my back yard. Heck I would even design a cute little garden for her. Good luck with the whole thing. Alaina

  17. I hear you Nicki...there is so much negativity and so many sad things going on with our friends these days. Like you said...this too shall pass. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your lovely pictures. Your booth looked amazing! xo

  18. What a shame! We have an association here but they don't say anything unless it's really a car up on blocks in the street or something! I'd buy that little camper in a minute if I was closer! You will be able to sell it easily but can it be covered and put in the back yard or can it get inside a garage? How about a storage facility in town? What a shame! The shop is adorable....that's good....


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