Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 did not start out with all the bells and whistles I had hoped for.
I lost my crafting space when my ex husband had to move back in to the craft room/guest room.
 But in February came my discovery and addiction to all things Jeanne D'Arc Living.
Then I found this beautiful necklace while junkin 
{aka dumpster diving}

I shared my $200 kitchen make over
My front porch make over with trash finds
Started making my own soaps.

Did my first really big market that led to oh so many more!

Shared photos of my garden and planted 20 lavender plants.

Went to the strawberry farm and made my own jam.
Had photographers come out to do a photo shoot of my house.

Learned more about my houses 100 year old history

FINALLY finished my daughters room.

Made our yearly trip to the apple orchard.

Had the house featured in Creating Vintage Charm Magazine

Had an awesome Halloween Party
Started a bathroom re-do
Got a feature in Romantic Homes Magazine

Shared my quirky facts

Took you on a Christmas house tour

And finally got my new vintage camper home
Over all it was an amazing year and I thank you all for following me along the way! 


  1. Wow you had quite a year! Glad I got to come along for the ride! Can't wait to see what you share in this new year!

  2. You had a great year! Looking forward to seeing all your 2013 trailer posts :)

  3. I'm fairly new here, so I really enjoyed seeing your 2012 review. Looks like some pretty wonderful things in your year! Looking forward to following along this year.


  4. so many great projects and highlights! i think your daughter's room is my favorite- LOVE it!

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  6. Sorry, the last post had too many typos! I was just saying how much I enjoy your blog, your strength shines through the changes that you endured this year. Congrats on your magazine features! My dream is to have a feature as well! I think my bedroom really has the potential but I need to have a professional shoot, as my pictures never do my rooms any justice. You can see the bedroom on my recent post. I think it would be a great room for the Creating Vintage Charm magazine too.
    I am so interested in how your lavender plants fared, and your experience with making soap (both goals for me in 2013. Ican't wait to get started. I even bought some cheap Yardley of London lavender soap this evening just to hold me over!
    Good luck in 2013. I will be following along gaining inspiration as always!

  7. You have worked so hard this year, my friend. I'm so happy for you that you've received well-deserved recognition for your talent. You rock out loud! I want to see that camper. You must have posted about it while we were gone.


  8. What a fun year and thanks for sharing it I am so happy for you!! Lots of exciting things happening and what an honor about the creating vintage charm and romantic homes magazine features!! I am excited to see what you have in store for 2013 and will enjoy every post I am sure!! So glad to have come by your blog in 2012!
    Happy New Years

  9. Wow! I'm just tired out just thinking about all you've done in the past year! LOL. Here's to what 2013 will bring. So happy I'll be hanging out to see what the year will bring!

  10. What a great year! Congrats, a job WELLLLLLL DONE!

  11. Hi Nicki! It's been a great year for you! I've enjoyed all of your posts and photos and am SO looking forward to more in 2013! Hugs, Leena

  12. Wow, what a year for you!!!! I loved catching up, you have a beautiful home & I just love yor style:). HAppy New Year! Jen

  13. You had quite a year! I'm looking forward to seeing what goes on in 2013! Love that tub in your bathroom and your kitchen is wonderful.

  14. Nicki, congrats on all of your accomplishments in 2012, especially getting the magazine feature and that adorable camper. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  15. You had a year of many moments for memories hand hard work.. Hope this year is equally exciting for you....

  16. Hun that was a good year for sure looking back at your pictures,
    Sorry about the x having to move back in and taking your craft/guest room over what a bummer, did you have a barn he could have had? LOL

    Happy New Year and hope for good things for you

  17. What a wonderful look back at 2012 with you. I hope your 2013 is even better!


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