Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Vintage Camper Maybe?

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!
I am still here but have been crazy busy with the holidays and of course my current obsession.
I can't even begin to explain the nightmare of a time I have had trying to get and hold on to enough money for a camper. 

 I brought home 88 dress forms just before Christmas. Yes, you read that right...88! So I hosted a little gathering/sale for friends only and made enough for my camper thanks to all the amazing wonderful people that came out. But then Christmas came and I used the money on gifts for my adult family members instead.
Then this beauty came along with a price tag of only $200!!!!! Which I of course didn't have immediately after the holidays. But I had someone come and pick up 35 more dress forms. 
{P.S. If you are local, I STILL have about 30 of them!}

So we got ready to leave to pick up the camper this morning when my ex husband {his truck has better pulling capacity} gets his truck stuck in the driveway. We've had a lot of snow,
{insert sad face here}
I don't like snow, not even a little bit.

Got the truck unstuck and drove an hour north, all goes well, camper is paid for, title in hand, hooked up and on the way home with us when ...thump.....thump......thump......we blew a tire on the camper. Oh, it's ok, there is a spare on the back.

Not so hour after being on the side of the interstate freezing in the snow Dave finally gets the spare on and pfffttttttttt, it's dry rotted and goes flat. 
We managed to get it into a little neighborhood and are currently praying it stays there until morning light and that we can find a tire for it for under $90 since that is all we have left in the bank. It honestly needs two, but we are hoping fix a flat will cure the other.


*Heavy sigh*

I'm a fighter when it comes to something I really want, and since I am adult and don't get Christmas presents I really wanted to give myself something for all the work I have done this year. A little reminder that I've busted my butt, done pretty well and had a good year, but this has nearly taken the fight out of me.

Re-grouping now and focusing on the positive though, I did it!! It's not here yet but barring any more unforeseen complications it will be here tomorrow and it will be a time to celebrate.

I'm not into shoes {I only have two pair} or jewelry, or clothes, hair/nails/makeup....but this camper it has been my obsession. On my mind 24/7, so all I can do is wish for the best and with some luck tomorrow I will have more photos for you and you can follow me on my journey as I figure out yet another project!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so darn cute!! I have a Vintage Trailer board on Pinterest for all my "someday wishes" : ) I'm sure all your effort will be rewarded. Can't wait to see more!


  2. That little vintage camper looks absolutely so much fun ~ Mr. Vintage and I had a vintage camper and I can say we had soooo much fun in it. You are well on your way. Prayers to you to get your vintage girl home ;-)

  3. she looks like she has some style in of my dreams as well....I will keep watching

  4. Congrats on your camper! And oh no to the dire tire situation! Praying it all works out for you and you get to have a dream come true.

    1. It's another one of those not very well planned out somewhat hair brained ideas. On the bright side moving to this house three years ago started out very similar {broke down vehicle, no money in the bank}, so I am hoping my end result is the same! There's always some ups and downs!

  5. Congrats to you! So excited for you! You know what I like about you is your real, honest and down to earth.. I love that you share your story along the way.. Where in the world did you get all the dress forms... I am in Oregon or I am sure I would help you out and buy a couple!!!

  6. Aww your so cute!Id buy a dress form from you if I lived there!Love vintage too! Good luck with your camper! Its beautiful blue!

  7. wish i lived close, I have been wanting a dress form for so long!!

  8. Keep the course... your positive attitude will get you through all the unexpected bumps in the road. Your camper is cute ... can't wait to see what you do with... Happy New Year ...HHL

  9. We have been looking for one so long....and you sure found a bargain. I would imagine you will probably have to replace all the tires eventually! And if I was close, I would get one of the dress forms...i would love to have one!!

  10. what a find! wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

  11. So cute can't wait to see what you do with it!

  12. Hope you can get the tire situation under control quickly. What a steal of a deal! I would be interested in a dress form. Can you email me at and let me know what kind you have and what price? Thanks!

  13. It looks beautiful! I've been enjoying peeking at all the photos you've been pinning!

  14. It's a real beauty and well worth waiting for. You'll have her looking so gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the troubles getting her home.

  15. Where are you at in indiana, I have a sister in bluffton and I would love some dress forms??? Dianntha

  16. Loving your camper! Happy New Year lovely xo

  17. I just purchased a little vintage camper too. I love yours and can't wait to see the inside. Happy new years!


  18. Hey I'm in southwest lower Michigan and if you are anywhere close to Michigan I can point you in the right direction for RV Surplus places. I know of a couple in Indiana too.

  19. Hi Nikki!
    i was wondering what the dress forms look like.
    I might be interested in a few of them....
    Carmel Design

  20. Oops!
    I forgot to leave my email.
    Heather- I'm in Indianapolis

  21. I'm so excited to see what you're going to do with this. I'm in the middle, make that beginning of a re-do. Mostly redecorate. Not vintage *sigh* *wish* but just trying to get the eighties country blues out.

  22. I can't believe I wasn't following your blog already! Jeesh

    The "Vintage Darling" is a beauty! I love the blue Nicki! It is sooooo you! I can not wait to see what you do with it. I watch with anticipation just like I did watching you work on you house. Go Girl!!



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