Monday, November 19, 2012

Our Booth at the Hob Nob Market

We had such a great time at the Hob Nob Market in Covington Indiana this weekend!!
It was definitely one of the top markets we have done. Holly and Scott put on an amazing show. 
My photos aren't the greatest, but it's because our booth stayed PACKED pretty much the entire time. There were people that came back around three hours later saying they had been waiting until they could get in our space to shop!! 

  My wonderful hubby behind the counter!
 Me, scrunching down as if I could hide from the camera!

We also had the chance to meet a bunch of great people.
We had an all around awesome time!!!


  1. Beautiful booth!!!! I did my first booth this past Saturday. Love for you to check it out at

  2. So many beautiful things... I love the shrug!


    The Blue Birdhouse

  3. omg the booth looks heavenly! bravo on your styling and stuff.

    pop by and go shopping with me in paris, oui?

    smiles to you.


  4. Nice shabby white presentation. Thank you for sharing.

  5. White is a perfect color for look very pretty mixed in with it all!

  6. Wow your booth looks great! I can't believe I've been going to Ft. Wayne for about 30 years now and I never realized we go right through Covington. We stop get some coffee at Starbucks! I guess when you get women together in one vehicle you just talk talk talk and never pay attention to where you are. Maybe next time I'll get to go to the market.

    Cindy Bee

  7. What a beautiful talented woman you are and how lucky are we because you share your beauty!
    Your still very young .... Self jokes at your own self isn't okay or poking fun at yourself. Do you really know your own beauty, intelligence and talent? We are the company we keep that includes or selves. Self doubt, meanness, whining, I could go on and on about the company that lives in our heads. Your young so maybe you don't understand how this sounds to others. Anyone of us would kill for for just a tiny bit of your beauty and talent. You have created a successful business with your talent and it looks like you have started a second business so your smart to boot. Remember set yourself apart from others and carry your success not just in talent but in life. And I love your blog. Younger women will follow your footsteps so be a inspiration, and let your confidence shine.

  8. I can't believe I lived there for a little while. I never made friends so I did not have that hard of time leaving. But i wish we could have meet while I was there. Everything looks beautiful including that girl sitting on the chair ; )

  9. Stunning! I would have loved to be there.

  10. i love your booth and all the white... just beautiful! looks like a great time.


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