Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Glitter Junkie

I have the glitter out today and am pretty much glittering everything in sight. Everything is just better with glitter!
 Glittered a cute little Eiffel Tower

 Also glittered a bunch of vintage keys from my stash
Hmmm......what shall I glitter next??
I have a sequin project in my head right now that I am going to start on soon and hope to share before the week is up.
In other news.....
I kept saying that I was taking a three month winter break from doing market events.
Guess who is pretty much addicted and so not taking a three month break?
IAVM will be back at The Fountains in Carmel January 26th and I signed up for it again. It's hard to say no to such a successful show and Jon Jenkins always knows how to bring it! Great vendors and customers!
Then yesterday I recieved a message asking us to do a show in Rockville, Indiana. We didn't unload the truck after the last show, just threw some tarps over it, so I thought why not? I just have to craft up some new stuff to tuck away in there and we are good to go! {I suspect there might be a new line of glitter stuff in addition to our vintage sheet music ornies going with us!}
You can find us at 
Santa's Secret Gift Market
presented by The Secret home decor & gift shop 
219 W Ohio St. Rockville IN 
This Saturday from 9-6
Sunday 10-5 
I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!!


  1. Ha! I found some old gnomes in my yard and I'm going to glitter them today!

  2. The glitter on the old keys is a great idea!

  3. ooh la la! you have glittering mojo for sure. love all of your sparkling projects!

    thanks for saying hi on my blog, too!


  4. What do you hold the glitter on them with? Like modge podge or something else?

  5. Glitter makes everything better!

  6. Love the glittered finds. Sparkles are great at the holiday season. Bling is the thing!

  7. Glitter does make things so much prettier! Good luck with your show.

  8. Best of luck at your shows, sounds exciting! Yes, glitter does make everything better! It's my kind of therapy:)

  9. LOVE the glitter keys. It just tells us that we cannot throw ANYTHING away.... LOL

  10. Looks great. Glitter my nails next!

  11. So cute! Love it. There is no such thing as too much glitter!! :)

  12. I've been glittering quite a few things, but never thought of doing keys! Love 'em!

  13. Yup, everything looks better in glitter! Hope that goes for old gals too, because I am often covered in it. lol! Never thought to do real keys. How fun! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.


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