Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ughhhh Stomach Flu

So the stomach flu that hit the kids over a week ago, hit me...Friday morning
We had the truck all packed and ready to go to Na Da Farm Barn Sale when I woke up Friday at 1 a.m. with that dreaded "icky stomach feeling" which quickly progressed to things much worse than just an icky feeling. 
I spent the whole morning in tears because I was so disappointed.
That was Friday, now here it is Tuesday.....
Guess who is STILL sick?
Today is my first day out of bed for more than just running to the restroom. I have successfully eaten 4 crackers. Woohoo! It's really sad when that is the highlight of your week.

Anyway, enough about poor me and the rotten stomach flu. I hate to go too long with out posting and since I've not done anything of note in several days I am going to share from one of my Pinterest boards.
I am probably the last person on the planet to catch on to the burlap craze. It's not really my thing, and I still don't like it on anything that touches the skin, but I can't deny there is just something about it....
I also can't deny that it always smells funny. New burlap smells like gasoline and old burlap smells like a crusty fart. 
I found that soaking it in a mixture of water with vanilla and cinnamon does wonders for the smell!
Anyways, I am rambling, half delirious from lack of solid food I think!

 Source: deidrelynn.com via Nicki on Pinterest
                                                                                                                  Source: etsy.com via Nicki on Pinterest
                                                                         Source: etsy.com via Nicki on Pinterest


  1. Glad your on the mend. Darn it that you had to miss your sale.. I do love linen and burlap. Dont have alot of it but love it.. Thanks for the update.

  2. Love all the burlap beauties. I'm sorry to hear that you've been down and out. It's never a good time to be sick, but to miss a show over it must have made you feel a whole lot worse. Don't do too much...hope you're back to 100% real soon.

  3. Love these photos Nikki, hope your feeling better. I'm so sorry that you had to miss the sale, But there is always next year and for that matter there are many other sales that you would do good at.. take care


  4. I hear ya! I have a love hate relationship with burlap. I Loove it as sacks with tress stuck in them but I would never put burlap on my bed... Get well soon glade u find the energy to post on blogs.

  5. Nikki hope you are feeling better today! I do love burlap! Great inspiration!

  6. Don't feel left behind, I still don't have burlap anywhere in my house but your right there is something about it. Glad your feeling better...that's terrible stuff.

  7. Having stomach flu can really ruin your plans for future days, however, I lost several pounds and now feel much better, almost like a girl. Hope you too had survived it. Pics are beautiful. Following you.


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