Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crystal Ball

We've been prepping for our big annual Halloween Party and I was searching high and low for a crystal ball with in my budget. 
Etsy had some amazing old ones, but the prices were way outside of what I was hoping to spend.
Last weekend I went with my best friend to a few yard sales. We found this one estate sale that had tons and tons of stuff but it appeared to be nothing in particular I wanted. Just as we were turning to leave I saw it.....
 It was kind of dingy and not priced so I took it up to find out the price. When she said $2 I was THRILLED.

Woohoo! Now I have a crystal ball!

Now to figure out how to decorate it since it opens up.
Honestly, I can't figure out exactly what it was once upon a time. It has a weird wired thing inside the base. I thought perhaps it was meant to be a flower frog. I really don't know. 

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  1. Very cool!! Maybe it had dried flowers or something inside it...or maybe it was a light fixture? I saw a neat Halloween decor idea on Pinterest using a domed cloche; the person had put a bunch of what looked like tea-stained raggedy cheesecloth with a creepy old doll head peeking out, inside the cloche.

  2. oh, cant wait to see what you do with it!!!

  3. Oh My!!! I know exactly what it was...Back in the 70s it was the "IN THING" to have one of these full of flowers(etc)...Mine had a red rose arrangement and it was then filled with water and sealed...There were SO MANY Versions of them for every occasion...I think they were as popular as the cloches are today... They were not cheep, I remember saving up for one at that time...I LOVED IT!!!
    I think it's PERFECT for a crystal ball...Hmmmm, I wonder if mine is somewhere in my storage...
    LOVE IT!!!
    Have a fun week,

    1. I suspected it was for flowers some how but had never seen one! Thanks!!!

    2. If you email me I'll send you some pictures and info I found. Mine had a brass bass and I found one on line that they "PAINTED IT RED"! For your use I would paint the base black...
      ANYWAY, Email me at
      and I'll send the info your way...
      Have a fun evening,

  4. What a find for $2. Can't wait to see how you dress it up! ~ Maureen

  5. it's so great. absolutely anything is going to look fabulous inside it. i have some creepy bones lying around...


  6. Great find!
    I have an ornament that someone took a photo of my daughter using transparent photo paper.I don't know how they did it.You could find a photo and use this it would appear ghostly as you can see through it on both sides.A big enough piece you would just put it inside would look amazing!

  7. Awesome find! You could do some sort of fairy lighting in there. They have them all over Pinterest.


  8. Nice find for two bucks. It was for a flower arrangement and you filled it with water. Now it might come in handy for predicting the future LOL.


  9. It is a rose bowl. You fill the ball with water (upside down in the sink), secure the flower stems in the base (mine has rubber rings), then screw the base back on and voila.

  10. How about sillouettes(sp), on black paper, of course.

    Cindy Bee

  11. What a neat find.....If you have been to the haunted house there is a large crystal ball..inside was a "woman's head" and surrounded with what looks like angel hair (like used on christmas trees) and lighted so that when the light was off you couldn't see the head....

    The ball has endless possibilities.

  12. WOW...what a fabulous find indeed!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! : ) thanks for sharing with us! sending hugs to all and a wish for a fabulous day! : )

  13. That is a fun find! I bet you can come up with all kinds of uses for it!
    Have a good time figuring out how you want to fix it up!

  14. This is going to be so great decorated - you were incredibly lucky to find one!

    Distressed Donna Down Home


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