Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flowers, A Chair, & Sponser Spots

My randomness has become almost predictable. Which leads me to wonder once it becomes predictable doesn't that cancel out the random?
~And here we have yet another random post~ 
{Maybe I just have blogger a.d.d?}

I wanted to let everyone know, now that the markets are slowing down a bit and I can dedicate more time to blogging, I am taking sponsor spots again.

On sale now for $5 a month, for your button that links to your blog, website or shop. Don't have a 125x125 button? Contact me for help, I'd be happy to work with you on designing a button. Please email me at for more information.
In other news I picked up this chair the other day.
 The fabric has seen better days, but it's solid and stuffed with horse hair! I am definitely going to paint it, but I am feeling a bit iffy about reupholstering it.

Oh yeah, the title promised flowers....

 I've been working hard to get my plants to survive the nasty heat wave and drought. We had a storm come through the other night that knocked power out and the lightening was intense. It was something like 10 times every second that the sky lit up. The best way I can explain it is to turn off the light, look at your computer screen and blink as fast as you can. 


  1. GO for it! I bet you could do it!That chair has beautiful bones.I know you will make it shine!

  2. We had a bad lighting storm here as well. It started two big fires.Between everything being dry and the heat I am sure we will have more storms and fires.

  3. Love it! I say go for reupholstering it! Hope I am feeling well enough to check out your sale. Fingers crossed!

  4. Awesome chair...what a wonderful find!!!


  5. Paint the upholstery too unless it has holes.


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