Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crazy Days

I do not know how some people do it all and still seem sane! If anyone knows the secret please do share.....
I vote to change the title of "stay at home mom" to "does everything mom". 
Who is with me on this?
Today was the first day back to school for my oldest two children and there is one more year before my youngest starts kindergarten.

My days are filled with all of the normal kid stuff, cleaning house, laundry {which I am pretty sure multiplies when you turn your back}, making meals and in between it all I try to shop for new inventory, do market shows, fix up items for market shows, take care of the gardens, do fixer upper & decor around the house, sell things online, take photos, find things to blog about, keep up with both my personal and business Facebook pages, plan parties, help out my friends with their projects, and in my downtime {ha ha downtime? Really?} I try to catch up with everyone else in blogworld, Facebook, and respond to at least some of the hundred or so emails I receive each day.
The last few weeks have been so busy there hasn't been time to post anything blog worthy so I thought I would share some decor I made last year for Halloween. I know it's still a bit early.....
I am going with the same theme this year and am super excited for Fall {my favorite time of year} 



  1. Thank you for so eloquently saying exactly how I feel. Hang in there unfortunately people like us can't function any other way.

  2. Oh, I hear ya Nicki! I can totally relate to your long list of 'to-do' things, and I don't even do half that stuff. Hang in there - hopefully you'll have more 'downtime' when the older ones are in school all day. My two will both be in school starting in 2 weeks, and I know I'll have lots of projects to take care of.
    Take care, and hope you find time to relax. :)

  3. wow,,do I hear you!!! we are clones...hahahaha

  4. it seems the routine finally comes in a few weeks and gets easier...I love my kids being grown!

  5. I don't know either.I am always going in twenty different directions.No wonder my days go by so fast!

  6. Yea, for the kids going back to school, I used to kind of dread it though, getting back into schedules and bed times and homework. Love your halloween projects!


  7. You seem to have more on your plate than most! By the way, I think my big girl and I are going to swing by your sale on Thursday. She is gathering things for her future first place!


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