Friday, July 6, 2012

Projects In & Around the Kitchen

 It's been hot so I spent the morning in front of a fan working on these little head pieces for the market. 
When I brought them into the kitchen with some of the other market stuff I just got carried away taking photos!

 Most of this is market stuff but it just looked so pretty in here. 
 {Really it's kind of a hot mess, but shhhhh don't burst my bubble!}

The crown is perfect for holding all of the fabric rose pins I made.

 Here is one of the many crown pots I painted and stamped, it holds rolls of burlap ribbon.
It's sitting on top of the ironstone I have been hoarding collecting.
Some more lavender sachets I've been making. I found this older blue and white ticking fabric and I just love it.

I've also been a busy bee on some altered bottles. These have old French book pages inside.
  And while I was in the kitchen I thought I would get a shot of my bakers rack. This is the one piece of furniture I have owned longer than any other. 
Which is funny because it was previously the cheapest and ugliest piece of furniture I owned. It has been kept because it just so happened to be the only thing I liked to keep the microwave on.

But I decided to finally put to use one of the bazillions of buckets of grey paint my dad gave me. Much much better!
I tossed the pillows I've been making on there just good reason really, I just liked the way they looked.
 The microwave was moved to it's new home. 
The gal next to me in Springfield OH had this table in her booth, but it didn't sell and when it was time to leave they accidentally broke it trying to load it, so she asked if I could do something with it. 
A little wood glue and clamps and good as new!
As you can see I am also hoarding collecting blue ball jars. I sold half of my collection recently and I still have this many left.

Anyway, that is a little of what I have been up to. It's just been so friggin hot out that I am avoiding doing too much which means not a lot to post about.

Happy Friday.
Stay cool! 
{It's supposed to be 104 degrees here tomorrow and I am thinking since we don't have A.C. I might be spending the day in the pool!


  1. Lovely wares Nicki!! I LOVE the ball jars, but I don't know what a good price is to pick some up. :)

  2. some really pretty stuff...hope you are able to beat the heat!

  3. I think I'll just come shopping in your kitchen - you don't mind, do you? LOL! I love all of your goodies and yes, when you put them all together, they really make quite a statement! 104 with no a/c? I think I'd be at a hotel or something! Too bad they're not free, right? Keep the pool water cool and the fans on high! Hugs, Leena

  4. I wish I had all of those jars!! You have been busy. You'll do well at the market for sure!!

  5. Nicki,
    Those are so pretty!!! I too love those blue jars.But you have many more than me :-( . It is really hot here too! Nothing to do but stay inside.

  6. I love your designs. I have some similar hoards in ironstone and blue glass canning jars. It is so hard to let them go to another home. Blessings to you and yours.

  7. Ohh goodie, goodie... I hope you are talking about the French Flea @ Hortons, cause thats were I am headed friday and sat. I think you had a table there last year, I remember you. I loooovvveee the glass bottles with the french pages inside. Hopefully you made several, so one will be there for moi. You will do great, looking forward to it!

  8. It is all gorgoeus Nicki. Love those sweet little head pieces. Thanks for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday.

  9. Well, this was a pretty post to read through! Everything looks beautiful. Thank you for linking with air your laundry friday! xo Jami


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