Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our House in 1900's

One day last month a car pulled in our driveway and Dave called me downstairs. He said it was people he thought I needed to meet. 

Inside the car was the 98 year old daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter and great great granddaughter of the people who had built this house.

It was so amazing getting to meet them and they promised to send photos of the house.

Today I opened the letter containing those photos!

 The most amazing thing to me is that 100 years later the house is almost the exact same. The only real difference is that there are shutters now.


 In the photo above in the middle of the far right side you can see just a bit of what used to be a cabin. It was what they lived in during the building of the house.
 We still have the exact same back steps. We uncovered them when we removed a deck someone had built.
 You can see the gravel road in this photo. It was called Hart's Gravel Road before they changed it to Hunt Club.



  1. I love it!! So wonderful that this
    family came to visit and give you
    the photos! I lived in an old farm
    house back in Illinois and someone
    came to me, just as your visitors
    did and I learned so much of that
    house... The local eye doctor built
    my house.. it was special to say
    the least..
    How nice for you.. now dig out back
    to find where the outhouse was and
    you will find all sorts of good
    Nice post

  2. I love your house! I'd love to live out like that. How wonderful that they shared with you, photos and memories. Must make your home even more special to you!

  3. That's so wonderful. It is so special when you find out history of older things and places and people. So many times we think only of the present and forget that there were lives many years ago that impact our today.

  4. Very cool! I'm sure you're thrilled to have these photos!

  5. Nicki,
    How cool that know the history of your home.And to have met those connected to it too! Your home is beautiful!

  6. What a wonderful gift to receive! Of course, they could see all the love you pour into the house and knew you deserved to have those photos. ~ Maureen

  7. Oh my goodness ~ what a truly wonderful gift that they stopped by and shared thsi with you. Wow, I would just truly cherish this ;-)

  8. Wow, so amazing! How wonderful to have them share photos of such wonderful memories in that house!!! And it really is in great condition still considering how old it is!!! Would love to live in a home with such history! :)


  9. How amazing... not only did 4 generations of that original family pay you a visit but they have been generous enough to share their family history with you. It is such a goregous looking house and I bet they were blown away with how equally as gorgeous it is inside too.
    Such a sweet post today Nicki :)

  10. What a treasure to have those old pictures. How awesome! I would frame those and put them in the entry or something. Love it!

  11. That's is so awesome. I just love looking at old photos with history like that. So glad you were home to be able to meet them.

  12. Hi Nicki - how neat that the house is still there for them to see - and how beautifully you made it into a home as well. I love the picture of them all at back door steps and stoop - it even includes their 2 dogs which is so very special. I think it says a lot about them and how happy they were living there. Patty/BC

  13. Wow Nicki! This is just so cool! I absolutely love that you got to meet the family!! What a rare and wonderful thing!! That had to be sooo awesome! And what a joy to live in such a fabulous historical home!
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Made my day!

  14. How I would love that to happen to me. Fitting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together finding out the history of a home. What a fantastic gift and I just adore the photographs they are such treasures.

  15. Wow! It's a wonderful to can see your house in these photos! Is there since 1900..wow!

  16. what wonderful pics! it's amazing that the house hasn't had many changes!

  17. How Sweet, the family looks so sweet too! I love the old guy looking through the screen door? I love screens! Did you still have the same doors? You are so lucky to have... photos... like this! Did you take any of the family that stopped by? It really makes you wonder how they got through it all. Back in the day? No meltdowns or yard sales? Did you say you have the barn or carriage house ? Where you keep your chickens? I think pretty much everyone used horse and buggy and had small kitchen gardens. Did they say what they did for work or how it came to be ? to build a house out in the country? I love historic facts! Take care,best,tina

  18. Oh my gosh that is the coolest thing ever!! I love seeing those pictures!! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  19. What a wonderful group of visitors! The photos are a treasure. :)

  20. What lovely old photos - real treasures :)
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  21. Add a bay window to the side and it's like looking at my house! It was built around the same time. LOVE it!

  22. Isn't this fabulous? How wonderful to meet the family and learn some of the heritage of your home! I hope that they shared some stories with you! I am such a fanatic for and so sentimental over old family photos! Having such old ones of your home and seeing the original lanscaping and structure is so precious! I konw that you will cherish them forever! Enjoy! Hugs, Leena

  23. Oh my goodness. What a treasure trove of pictures and how wonderful to meet them all. That is amazing. Hugs, Marty

  24. What a wonderful story and how exciting it must have been for you to meet the original owners. It must have been equally exciting for them to be able to see their old home still being loved.

  25. I think that is so great! I would love for someone to show up at my house like that. Also, it's ridiculous how charming your house is!


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