Sunday, July 1, 2012


The Indie Arts and Vintage Market in Broad Ripple on Saturday was a huge success!!
It rained more than a little and I thought I might melt in the heat, but I couldn't help smiling {and squinting because I forgot sunglasses!}
The market was AMAZING. It stayed busy all day despite the rain and heat. This just goes to show that people can't pass up an awesome show when they see one!!
My friends Heather and Courtney from Almost Gemini  
had a booth and I so wish I had taken some photos. Their blog is pretty new so please pop over and show some love to these two fun sisters!

I was so busy I didn't get a chance to leave my space much. 
{Really NOT complaining, I was thrilled that I stayed that busy!}

Oh also before I forget, just throwing this one out there, I have a customer that I have seen at both shows now and he picked up a Sally {Nightmare Before Christmas} doll from another vendor and I was wondering if anyone out there has one or two interesting dolls for sale. I'd like to pick one up to give him at the next show if he is there. He was super nice, stopped in to chat and mentioned he collects dolls.

So anyways on to the photos I did get of my booth:
 I just looooooove these two colors together!

 This chalkboard sign I made out of an old door sold.
 The two end tables and coffee table sold. It seemed to be the day for furniture!!!
 The glove molds sold out, very fast!
 Shabby Jen gave me some great advice to put something in the middle to draw the eye to my booth. The hats made a great display. Everyone stopped in and tried on hats!
 Cute little vanity, chair, and milk glass lamp sold to a gentleman who was buying things for his grand daughter.

 In case you couldn't make it to this last show, the next one for the Indie Arts and Vintage Market
will be August 4th.

Thanks to all who came out and stopped by my booth!!!!


  1. So glad you did so well.Not a surprise.You have amazing taste and style.Your booth looks great!!!!

  2. Awesome Nicki! Your booth looked fantastic! I hope you made lots of dough! xo

  3. Sounds like you sold a lot and everything looked great. Love the hats!

  4. So pleased to hear that you had a successful day Nicki. It all looks lovely.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. So glad you did well! I actually do have a couple of old dolls; very small and not especially pretty but they were my grandmother's when she was wee so they are 75+ years old. You can contact me if you wish: kitchenelixers (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. i soooo wish i lived close to you so i could go to all these awesome shows!!!
    you booth looks AWESOME!

  7. Oh I wished I could have come to the market day. It's a bit far though...I live in Australia. Looks like you have some great items for sale and did quite well on the day. Pity about the heat...not good. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nicki, So happy to hear that this sale went well for you. we're gona try to get to the Horton's sale so. I'll hunt for you! Stay cool, it is hotter than heck here! :-) Sue


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