Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Vintage Marketplace Springfield Ohio

Woohoo!! We survived {and truly thrived} The Vintage Marketplace in Springfield Ohio! 
We had a 15x30 booth space. It was a first for me having a space that large, and driving out of state, so we were in a total panic going into it. 
All the questions swirling through my head, am I bringing enough, is it good enough, can I pull this off without looking like a total newbie?

Well the verdict is in, we are already planning to go back in September!!
It was a wonderful event, excellent venue, fabulous customers and a great group of other vendors. 
I wish I had been able to make it through and say hello to everyone, but we were movin and groovin. I sold almost all of my large items and many many smalls.

I did, however, have the chance to make it to a few others near me and say hello and even get a couple of photos!!
 I met Theresa of  Time Worn Interiors

I got the chance to see the ever fabulous Jackie of Shambora Studios

Urban Farmhouse was there.

 I was excited to finally meet Lesa of Salvaged to Sassy
who I have been friends with on Facebook for a bit now.

 Next door to me was Kim of Bungalow Interiors
she was just as sweet as can be! Upon packing up to leave they accidentally broke a table and asked me if I was interested in it to rehab {Uh YES please!}

 And I got to see Sue of Sullivan and Murphy 
again. {Always a pleasure}
 It wasn't ALL work, there was definitely some play.....
This is how they open wine bottles the junk style way!
 There wasn't a cork screw, so yes, they are using a drill and a screw....
My husband got the honors of popping the cork! 
{He hates this photo, so here is to hoping he doesn't read this post!}

Jon Jenkins and Sue Whitney did an amazing job of putting this show together and gathering up this fabulous group of vendors!


  1. such a lot of hard work and extensive mental investment..but worth it! Your booth was amazing!

  2. Great post, Nicki! Whew, it was quite a show and I was so happy to meet you in person, finally! Good luck with the rest of your shows this summer!


  3. Just makes me want to sit down and cry that I wasn't there!! Hopefully September!!! Glad you had a wonderful time Nicki!!

  4. You're not a newbie there, now! Selling almost all the big pieces is great! ~ Maureen

  5. Congrats to you! I'm glad you thrived...doing shows is a lot of work, but fun too!! That photo of the wine opening with a drill kills me...so funny!!!

  6. Your own booth looked great! Glad it was a good show for you!

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

  8. I love the dresser in the 4th photo. Also the Paris bench.


  9. I just saw your comment on Sue's blog and had to come over and look at your photos. Glad you had a good show. I probably stopped at your booth, but then I stopped at almost every single one (to my husband's dismay).

  10. I'm so happy you had a good show! I love your booth and the pictures that you shared. I can only imagine how much hard work and more importantly FUN that you had.

    ~Mimi B~


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