Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's going to be a lot of back to back shows this year. 
It's been really hard for me to make choices because I have been invited to so many and more than a few fall on the same dates. 
Plus I have been feverishly working on the house for a surprise that I am still waiting to be able to announce. Add to that my booth at The Village Antique Mall, which I just officially opened last week and already have to take another truck load to restock.

I just want everyone to know, I am still out there, lurking around everyone's blogs and facebook pages. I just have not had a lot of time to sit down and comment. This week feels more like a normal schedule. Last week was our once a year heavy trash pick up so I spent almost the entire week "curb shopping". Forgive the following photos, all taken with my phone {like I said, no time to sit down at the computer!} Here are some of my curb finds.....
  Everything I need to work on is under the tent in my back yard. My garage has already reached maximum capacity.
Yes, someone really threw out these beautiful dishes!

 Terra cotta pots galore....I am painting them white.
These came from a house where we stopped to pick up a dresser and they asked if we were interested in terra cotta pots. They had us come into their garage while they pulled them down from the attic. Most people were super sweet and happy to have their cast aways going to a new home.
 See that white thing in the front there? It's a handmade furniture cart!! Wheels on the bottom and all!
 I am thinking this piece might be getting a nice aqua color.
 Weeks like that, I am glad I don't have any close neighbors. They would have thought we were starting a junk yard. We were bringing home loads and dumping them in the yard so we could get back out quickly and pick some more. There are actually people that have come to expect pickers and box and label their goodies for heavy trash week. It's great, recycling and reusing at it's finest!


  1. So super happy that your doing Horton's again your one of my favorite's can't wait..


  2. Great finds! Wish we had an annual big pick-up day in our town. I LOVE those dishes! Congrats on all your news. :)

  3. You are one busy lady.Love all your new treasures too.

  4. Nice haul! What a sensible practice. I've heard of days like this in other communities, but not around here. Busy Lady! You will make it all beautiful!

  5. Man, I wish our city did that! I would go crazy! You picked up some great stuff to be creative with. I also curb shop and it embarrasses my son.

  6. We have a trash day where people go thru and pick. I never go looking--but I guess I should! I always can't believe my absolute junk that people take. The garbage company ends up having nothing to take. I guess thats recycling at its best! My husband and I always enjoyed watching people stopping and taking stuff. Some people will take anything! Interesting. Looks like you got awesome stuff!

  7. I can tell you for certain that the trash I leave on the pick-up day that is held every 4 years is probably the best stuff in town. And that's not saying much. I think I need to move where you live!

  8. Okay Nicki, I am salivating over your curbside finds! First of all, that darling little white table with the curved legs...like seriously?! Wow! And secondly those dishes! I collect that pattern (Gold Crown China) and have a huge collection of it! Someone threw them out? They should be beaten with a wet noodle! LOL! You are one LUCKY gal! ~Stacy~ xo

  9. Good for you wish I could be there. NJ and MS don't allow for it though. Love your stuff.


  10. DROOL! Nuf said..lol
    Actually my sisters town does this once a year, I just may have to make a trip her way soon :)

  11. Congratulation it sounds like you are on fire with ideas.
    Everything has so much potential and will make some lucky gal
    a wonderful treasure.
    Get busy

  12. Hello:

    Great post, the best sfuff is always on the street. Those dishes are so beautiful. Please join my blog, I wish I lived closer to attend the market, it
    sounds so good. I used to live in Portage Indiana many years ago.
    I miss midwest.



  13. Looks like loads of fun! This is my first visit here, I will now be following!


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