Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pink Lemonade Cake Mix

Most years I love decorating for Easter. But this year between work on the house, getting ready for markets, and bad leg days still, I didn't really do much in the way of decorating.
 I did however decorate some cup cakes and egg cakes. I baked them last night, put them up to cool, and woke up like a kid on Christmas morning, really really excited about decorating them.
 I had so much fun with these. The flowers are from my stash of gum paste flowers I made awhile back.
These are topped with strawberry marshmallows purchased at Walmart.

I cheated on making the cake......I used a box mix. When I saw that Pillsbury was making a pink lemonade cake mix and cookie mix I bought several thinking it would be perfect for Easter and my girls birthdays.


  1. Those are so beautiful, and they look delicious!

    Happy Easter!


  2. Wow, if that's what you do when you don't have much time, it must be amazing when you do! Happy Easter! ~ Maureen

  3. We just baked some pink lemonade cupcakes. I will post them later today, if there are any left after lunch!!!

    Happy Easter!

    Ricki Jill

  4. Your cupcakes look so pretty all dressed up for Easter!

  5. I think you did awesome if you were my mom I'd say you rock mom

  6. Great frosting job...they look so pretty! I'm gonna have to try that Pink Lemonade mix...yum!!!

  7. Oh, both the cupcakes and egg cakes turned out so well! I love how you decorated them, and how sweet are those strawberry marshmallows? They look adorable on the pink frosted cupcakes! And pink lemonade cake sounds so good, and just perfect for Easter! Yum! :)

    I hope you had a very blessed Easter! :)


  8. Those are so pretty..and I bet they tasted great too. I love cake:)

  9. I'm trying to kick sugar and you are Not Helping. These look delicious!

  10. Super cute! And it is about time cupcakes play a role in Easter!! :) I love seeing them throughout blogland! :)

    Hope your Easter was lovely!! Thanks bunches for popping by my blog! :)

    Love from NJ!
    xo Jenny Holiday

    ps There is a link under the gold dipped eggs photo...if you needed more info. :)

  11. love it! i might have to give that cake mix a try as well... thanks for sharing.

  12. Those are adorable. Nicely done!


  13. They look great and yummy. Good job. I'm sure no one even noticed the decorations. I didn't decorate either. They were all packed away and I didn't feel like digging them out. Sometimes it's nice to change things up a bit. I sure hope your leg gets better.

    Cindy Bee


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