Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Would YOU Do?

I know with everything else on my plate right now, that now is *really* not the time for it, but I can't stop thinking about changing up my kitchen. 

I've already done a few small things since these last photos...
 I finally got some trim to fill out the gaps between the marble slab and the kitchen island. Took down the chalkboard sign because I am going to put a bigger one with a white frame in there. And switched out places with the fridge and the china cabinet.

 But I have toyed with the idea of putting the island against a wall because it is such a small kitchem. What would you do?
 Also there is the issue of the mirror...should I paint it, put something else there, put a larger rectangle mirror there...what would you do?
 Then there is the chandelier...some days I wake up and LOVE it, other days I wake up and HATE it! I took the peacock out because it's distracting.
 I took off the things on the back of the stove also because they were distracting. Just not a good spot.

So just wondering, what would you do??

Keep in mind I am working on a $0 budget and must use items around the house
 {but I do have MANY items to tap from and all sorts of craft supplies and tools!} 

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  1. Hmm... what to do? I LoVE you light fixture!!! I mean stop in my tracks LOVE!! Have you thought about putting in some hooks or a rod to hang your utensils from and maybe some enamel pots or colander above the stove? Can you tell I like to cook? ha ha! I was actually thinking you have a nice sized kitchen! :) We do have an island in our small kitchen (metal drawers from when Blockbuster closed locally) that is on wheels so that I can move it at will when necessary. Our kitchen does open up into the dining room which helps a bit.
    Since you changed the placement of the fridge and the hutch... do you have any magnetic hooks? To hang a cute apron on the side of the fridge next to the stove? It would add a punch of color maybe.

    Just some ideas... can't wait to see what you decide to do! I know it will look lovely! as long as it is what YOU love!! :)

  2. Your kitchen is lovely to begin with but to change it up how about some open shelving above the stove? You could display pretty cookware, etc. there. The chandelier would look gorgeous painted out in a pretty color maybe even little shades added to it.


  3. i can tell you what i would not do- paint or change anything about the mirror!!!! its SO SO SO perfect as is. keep it!

  4. Your kitchen design is so gorgeous! I like the idea of adding paint to the chandelier (white? pink? silver? grey?) and more crystals or beads? The mirror has to be the most lusted after (and most photogenic) ...I like how the gold in it "speaks to" the bit of color on the top of the stove. Do you want/need to have a spot for items above the stove? A low shelf above the top of the stove may work for "pretties" and "usefuls"...I saw someone write: "Talk about blooming where you are planted!" I so agree!

  5. Okay love the idea of open shelves above the stove. This way you can add more items to your kitchen like cook books and possibly other "black" items. I think if you add more black into your kitchen your chandelier wont bother you as much. I first thought you should paint your chandelier another color, but then I think your stove would stand out too much. Another thought is hang some of your beautiful china up, maybe above your china cabinet. Sad that you took the peacock down, I actually really liked it. It added a since of charm. A white really furry rug on the floor would be fantastic if you can keep from destroying it or a rug with pink roses. Thanks for asking. love your kitchen. love your blog!!!

  6. Hey, girl! I'm with Cassie - the mirror is gorgeous and I personally wouldn't paint it. I like the contrast it creates with the white. I am a huge fan of white and crystal chandeliers. If it were my kitchen, I would paint it white. The island is awesome in the middle of the kitchen but if space is an issue, it would look great anywhere, really. Finally, open shelves would look totally awesome in your kitchen! Really, it's lovely! Much love, Lisa

  7. Do what you wish with everything else, but please don't paint the mirror! It is perfect and keeps the room from floating away in a sea of white. I might dab some white or mottled white and gray onto the chandelier, but not completely covering up the dark (does that make sense?), aging it a bit, but not straight white. And, being a crystal girl, a few well placed crystals might be good. As for the island, only you can answer that since you are the chief cook and bottle washer and only you know what works for your meal prep. That is my 2 cents worth.


  8. I like your kitchen. That mirror is gorgeous just the way it is in my opinion. You seem to have lovely high ceilings too and that might be making your china cabinet look smaller. Maybe you could add some height to it with collectibles on top (trying a few things up there first to see if it makes it look taller.) I agree that only you know if the island 'fits' or not, but if it doesn't you could always put it in place of the china cabinet and then add open shelves above. The tallness of shelves might visually work with the height of the built in on the window side. I also like the light fixture and the black ties in with your stove and chalkboard.

  9. Do not paint the mirror. I like the chandelier but i would take off the crystals. I would line the back of the hutch next to the stove with that new French gift wrap. I think it would tie in your island marble nicely. Lisa

  10. I think you should paint your chandelier white. I think your mirror is gorgeous but overpowers the stove, so I agree that shelves would be a nice touch. I don't know how you function without a counter near your stove!!! I would move the island to where the hutch is and place the hutch on another wall. Sometimes just moving things around makes such a huge difference.


  11. The contrast of the mirror against your white kitchen walls is just fabulous! Don't paint it! I think that your chandelier would look good painted out in a softer color. Is that chair railing around your room? I realize that you may be trying to catch your chandelier's reflection in the mirror, but I feel that it looks a tad low like it is almost resting on the chair rail...I would raise it up a tad. It looks like you may be trying to place your mirror evenly between the chair rail and the roof, but I'm not sure it looks quite your kitchen! ~Stacy~ xo

  12. Lots of great ideas! Next time I need to do some rearranging, I'm going to do exactly what you've done and get loads of good advice.

    I like the idea of open shelves above the stove also. As long as you have someplace else to hang that gorgeous mirror.

    Even if you didn't change a thing, your kitchen is full of charm.

  13. Zero budget decorating truly inspires me!!! Re-locating items from around the home is the best. If I had your kitchen I would be in heaven. Seriously, it is gorgeous and they only thing I would add would be some shabby coverless books in the china cabinet and perhaps more gold frames to go with your fabulous mirror.

  14. Oh the possibilities! What fun! I would add more black - paint the base of the island black, a burlap floor cloth stenciled in black, some black open shelving above the stove with tarnished silver trays, white pitchers, etc. Just some thoughts! Good luck and have fun with it - make it yours!

  15. It looks lovely! I am with you on $0 decorating. That is my dining room. I have been contemplating that for a few months! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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