Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunshine and Junkin

I kidnapped my ex husband for the day to let my husband stay home and relax with the kids. We went out early for some yard sales.

I have to say I was mostly disappointed. 
The first one we went to was decent but on it's 4th day so it was fairly picked over. 

The second one was just junk stuff I had no interest in.

The third one had me cranky. They had an ugly "Tiffany style" {as in it looked kind of like a Tiffany, but wasn't} chandelier for $800....
And that pretty much set the scene for everything else we saw. Not much of anything under $100. Oh but they did have some plastic serving spoons 10 for $7. I didn't buy any, but was slightly amused.

So we ventured down into my town to an antique store, Browns on Fifth. They have one room full of half off items so I bought a vanity for $17.50, a chippy shabby architectural piece and three more blue ball jars.

It is kind of sad when you can find much better items for much better prices at an antique store in a rich town than you can find at yard sales!
 I picked up this little pretty for $2. I think it is a keeper.

 Cool old metal box with white enamel insides....came with a bunch of rusty screws. No idea what so ever what I am going to do with the rusty screws!

 Vintage scissors
 Chippy architectural piece.

 Cute little vanity. I am going to add glass knobs and probably a ruffled skirt.
 Ok any ideas what this is or what you can do with it? It came from the yard sale where the lady used to be a seamstress. It was $1 for the whole box, so I grabbed it!


  1. Love your finds! That vanity will look adorable with a skirt! How awesome you have a good relationship with your ex-husband.

  2. The little vanity is adorable! That may be some kind of tape used in curtain making. Just a guess.

  3. I have an idea...dye the fabric different colours and create a pile of flowers.
    Great finds :)

  4. I read your first sentence about 5 times to be sure I read it correctly. Too funny. That little jar is so sweet.

  5. You crack me up Nicki!!!! You are one amazing woman!! Love all your finds too!!

  6. I thing the yards of fabric is curtain tape...But, wait a minute, you went with your ex husband while your husband stayed home....OK, there is a post LOL! $2 on the dresser box...score!


  7. Enjoying looking through your pix (my first visit here). That box holding the screws (if you didn't already know) is an old lunchbox. My dad had one like it. A thermos was kept in the upper portion with that funny wire piece holding it in place. I actually thought, what a great idea to hold all those old screws or nails in it when you no longer use it for carrying a lunch. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Not real sure about the spools of fabric, but what fun you'll have with it. You could crochet them into mats, rubber stamp and use for tie ons of many projects. Super find!!


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