Friday, March 9, 2012

A Pinteresting Debate...

                                                               Source: via Nicki on Pinterest

I received notice the other day from Pinterest that another blogger was having her photos removed due to copyright infringement.

I know others have approached this subject, but honestly it didn't really hit me until that email from Pinterest.
 I went to the page of said blogger, and guess what? She pins as well. So let me get this strait, because I am a little confused on this, Some bloggers do not want their photos pinned, but it's still ok to pin everyone else's?

I'll be honest here, I don't get that AT ALL.

Here is how I feel...

I blog because I enjoy it. For me the whole purpose of blogging is to SHARE. If I didn't want others to get ideas from my blog, I wouldn't blog, plain and simple.
I am thrilled when people share and/or pin my photos.
Yes of course I do rather that they link back to the source, but honestly as long as they aren't taking credit for it being their own, I am not even picky about the link back. 

I know this might be a bit touchy for some. I don't want to start a riot, maybe just a healthy debate. I want a better understanding of why some bloggers get so upset when their photos are shared. 
To me the point of blogging is sharing. 
Inspiring others, gaining inspiration from others....

That's just my two cents!

 But in the interest of being fair, I am writing this post to get your opinions. You all are so fantastic about weighing in and showing all sides of opinions! What do you feel about this subject?

Happy Friday!


  1. Great post! I was wondering what "owners" thought about their pictures being posted by others on another site. Just kind of sounds wrong to me. I thought it was only a matter of time before it might become an issue. Of course, I love all of the inspiration, but it does irk me when people do not link back to the original source and not giving credit where credit is due.

  2. I'm quite happy to let any photos I post be pinned. Of course I'd like the credit for whatever I've created because I do create my own stuff; however, I accept the possibility that someone else might take credit for something that I have done. I think it's similar to the celebrity who wanted fame & fortune having a problem with the paparazzi taking tons of photographs. Once you put yourself out there, anything can happen... good or bad!

  3. I feel the same way!!! If you put it out there it's silly of you to think someone will not copy it or love the idea enough to post it as an inspiration. It may not be meant to be mean they may just love your idea.

  4. Good subject!! I too have a blog to SHARE my ideas, give inspiration, Hence Ribbons, Lace, and INSPIRATION. Not plugging my sight, just showing what I want my blog to be to others. I feel if you are going to have a problem with the photo sharing, just watermark your photos!! I feel the same about the "corporate" world too. Give credit where credit is due, but also take it upon yourself to make sure that those who don't do this or don't know how to do this, (like me in the beginning) your photos etc. are protected. I soo agree with you on this. Sharing is a good thing!!!!!

  5. Could not have said it better myself Nicki!!! :)

  6. I left a comment and it said it published, but I don't see it so here I go again! :)

    Couldn't have said it better myself! I am a Pinterest addict too!! :)

  7. i like this post as i've been thinking the same thing! i love pinterest...(perhaps they do have a few kinks to work out...trying to ensure that the pictures link to the original site). nothing is perfect... i don't expect it to be. i think most people want and will give credit where it is due. i have visited all sorts of blogs that i probably wouldn't have found otherwise except from pinterest. love love love it...hopefully people will keep on sharing their inspiring ideas:)

  8. I agree 110%!!! The nerve of some people!! If you don't want it copied don't share. I've seen and heard so much drama over this issue. I want blogger and Pinterest to be places of awesomeness!!!

  9. I'm a new blogger but I've put my travel photos on Facebook for years. The simple truth is that if you put something on the internet, even if you disable right click menu to save it, all someone has to do is a screen capture and they can save the photo to their computer or redistribute it. Pinterest is just another way for them to redistribute it. Personally I think that if someone is concerned, they should watermark their photos, but beyond that, if you don't want it shared around, keep it off the internet. Because whether you like it or not, it can very easily be shared, Pinterest or not. I agree with you and I don't think the complainers have a leg to stand on.

  10. I'm with you...I blog to inspire and to be inspired by others...Isn't that the point???...If we don't want to share, then we shouldn't blog or pin....Mariaelena
    ps: please come on over and visit and pin whatever you'd like...LOL!!!

  11. I agree with the watermarking of pics you don't want them "stolen". If I do a tutorial and I am pinned, it gives me a chance to draw the viewer in as a follower. A linky party is much the same thing. I suppose the concern is for those who have their blog pics published in magazines. We all know the internet exposes us to the public domain. Pinterest is a big referral site to my blog, so I have no complaints. ~ Maureen

  12. I agree with you...totally.

  13. I know what you mean. I did a post about Pinterest only last Friday, and already have deleted many of my boards.

    I think people so easily forget that by posting anything online (photos, writing, art) they're taking a chance by their own hand. It bugs me how some people act all victimized over something they themselves posted online. That's why I think it's so very important for people to have their name on any photos they wish never to be stolen or just posted/shared elsewhere.

    Stealing and taking monetary gain from it is one thing. It's wrong, but just sharing something a person enjoyed.... I call that inspiration and something to be flattered by. Personally, I think Pinterest is more of a good thing than bad (great for artists selling their crafts, free advertising for their blog) but it's inevitable that it'll be abused somehow since we are talking about a public forum. Nothing's perfect.


  14. AMEN, sister! i agree with you completely!!!! blogging is about sharing!

  15. I agree! I personally am flattered when someone pins my stuff, and I feel like I'm helping them to pin there's. You are right, the purpose of blogging is to share. Don't post it on the internet if you don't want people to my humble oppionion!

  16. I got the same message from Pinterest.........some of the pictures i pinned had copyright on it and where removed and the one they where from is indeed a pinner herself. Bit strange is'nt it!

  17. Hey, girl! This is my feeling...if a picture is posted, it's fair game! I agree completely that Pinterest has some issues to work out, however, they will never be able to stop people using images once they reach the web. If I had a photo that was very special to me, and I felt the need to upload it, I would watermark it. Simple, actually. Happy Pinning, girl! Much love, Lisa

  18. Hi, I'm with you 100% on this..... and I really don't mind if it didn't link back to me, but it is nice to get the credit from where it came from.. If you put something out on the internet... it's there for the taking.... simple as that.. just so they don't make money on it I think it's OK. My gosh, really what is the big deal. When I went on Pinterest for the first time I notice some of my pictures were there.... I was flattered!


  19. I too believe blogging is about sharing and this what happens. I don't believe that you don't want yours pinned but you pin others...they are not being honest are reference to the blogger who removed hers but pinned others. I like your post here and think it is wonderful to share as long as they don't say it is least say it is someone elses if you don't find the original source.

  20. I am flattered to have pieces I created pinned! Don't we all like to feel the love? Aren't blogs really a fun show and tell for adults?

    I better go check my Pinterest boards to see how many pictures disappeared!!!

  21. I totally agree...I'm flattered to have my pics pinned. Most of my pics are watermarked and a link back is appreciated, but not necessary. It's all about sharing creative ideas with like minded people. The only thing I don't agree with is people passing pictures off as their own when they're not...for example, I found a whole slew of my pictures on some woman's Etsy listings. They were pictures of my living room and she was using them as fillers as the fourth of fifth picture of her listing and was saying how such and such item that she was selling would look in a room like her living room...and it was MY living room. Now I must admit that it ticked me off! LOL! I politely asked her to remove them and she was strange!

  22. I do not have a blog, but am a Pinterest addict. And I follow SOOO many blogs! If and when I do a blog, I would feel the same way. As a "Pinner", I must say that it stinks when I try to get to the original pin and it doesn't take me back to the blog or sight it came from.

  23. I am going to write and then read the other comments, everyone says you should put your name on your photo's because people will steal them. I actually thought I was the only one in the world that was thinking, so what, I don't care, it is no big deal! Take my photo's, take my ideas, pin me, that's why I blog, I am putting ideas and tutorials out for just that reason, maybe it can help or inspire someone!

    There is my 2 cents worth

  24. Hmmm... I am in two minds with this one. I belong to Pinterest and I too pin for inspiratiom. As a working artist and designer of original patterns I have a blog to share the goings on in my studio and market my products. Every photo shared online is watermarked.
    On the one hand I'm chufffed when someone thinks highly enough of my work to pin it, but get very annoyed when they then make a rip off of my original copyright protected design and share their version online as if it is their own design. Others then pin this new design as if it is an original and soon enough it is so out there that my design is no longer new, unique or interesting. There's no credit back to the original source (me) and no chance of now selling a design that is already beign given away by a rip-off-artist.
    So good and bad comes out of Pinterest!!

  25. I had no idea this was going on, I've never received an email from Pinterest but that doesn't surprise me. I hesitated joining Pinterest because of this very issue. It was only a matter of time before the copyright issue came up.

    Bottom line, you are 100% correct, don't post an image without your watermark, if you don't want to share. I'm not talking about those evil people who use other's images for personal gain but sharing with others for inspiration.

    Of course, maybe those complaining are professional photographers, but they should make their images protected if they are that picky.

    Great post!!!


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