Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Goodies

Today I brought home several more goodies. 
Two adorable metal kids chairs. They are covered in a light lavender vinyl. At first I thought I was going to recover them but they quickly grew on me. It's just the right shade. 
I also picked up another little metal vanity chair that needs a seat, but it was too cute to pass up, a pretty vintage mirror, a glass and marble thingy, and two cute little lamps, one with crystals {woohoooo!}

 My question to those who collect and sell is how in the world do you decide what to keep and what to let go of?

Days where I bring home goodies this great I really really have a hard time parting with them.

I *know* I don't have any place to put them without over crowding my house some more. But those chairs are sooooooo cute!

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  1. Love your finds! I am always in the same dilemma - whether to keep or sell - what I do when I really love a piece is to keep it for a while and I find soon the "newness" of it wears off and I am on to something "newer"....LOL

  2. I am the wrong one to ask because most stuff that I find I usually least for awhile until I feel I can let go of it without wailing!!!!! ROFL! Love all your finds AGAIN Nicki!! You rock girl!!

  3. Wowzer, girl! Such a great haul! I love it all! Much Love, Lisa

  4. Now that is a great day's work! I usually ask my hubby if he thinks I should keep something or sell it. He's more unbiased and if he loves it, I know it's something to keep.

  5. More great finds! I really love those chairs, too. Wish I could take them off your hands. :) I would have a hard time not keeping everything and over crowding my house. Oh wait! I already do that ;0
    Love it all!


  6. boy, do i getcha.... what i "normally" tehehe do is keep it for a bit, find a spot and then make a decision whether i really wanted/needed it. if not, it goes to my shop. sometimes if i really miss it after a bit, if its still there and i really want it... i bring it back home. hope it helps. they really are very pretty.......

  7. Just wanted to let you know I am having a give away this week.

  8. I agree--the chairs are so cute--but overcrowding is not pretty. Do you have anything you would want to sell and replace with those chairs?

  9. I love your finds. I love the lamps and the chairs.

  10. I'm a keeper, not a seller. If I found what you bought I'd be keeping it.

  11. I see your dilemma! I just sell what I can and whatever doesn't sell, I keep!
    Problem solved. :0)

    Your finds are awesome!

  12. scored! LOVE that little lamp with the crystals. FYI, have one just like it. I broke the domed shade and actually found one to replace it on Ebay. Visiting from Thrifty Tuesday.


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