Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Junkin Shoes....

Last night my "junkin shoes" were flip flops. 
YAY!! We have flop flop weather here in Indiana right now! I am so excited for Spring.
My friend and I went out "junkin" {driving up and down the streets with flashlights, to see if anyone put good stuff out at the curb for trash day}
Like I said in a previous post, I am SO not afraid to get dirty. I worry some day maybe my kids might get a little embarrassed, but for now they are even excited when I bring home cool stuff.

I am pretty sure my town throws away some of the best stuff.
Last night I came home with these goodies....
 An old screen door from a house in "The Village". 

People call downtown Zionsville "The Village". What it really means is "I paid WAY too much for WAY too little."

But seriously folks, if you ever are inclined to visit it is a very cute town with a brick street and lots of cute stores. I am not hating on The Village dwellers!

I also got these two cute metal folding chairs. I think they need a whitewash. Opinions? 

You may have noticed I have been asking for feedback a lot more on here. It's because I love love hearing what you all have to say. So many great ideas!

The planter is a cheap-o. But it's cute so I snagged it. 
And by "I", what I mean is "My best friend didn't want to go trash picking so she sent her boyfriend with me, and I sent him out to pick up most of these items while I sat in the van and directed him lol!"

 Grabbed this little plastic rolling toter. I figured it would be handy to keep all my supplies for shows in. {tags, ties, rags, bags, pens, ect ect}
Disclaimer~  I do not endorse Dodge trucks. My ex husbands truck gets to be the background display for all my junk. I drive FORD. I am a Ford girl all the way.
*laughing while posting here*
 Oh and please never mind the pile of kids toys and junk beside the garage there....I'm bribing the trash men next week to haul away some of the real junk back there. We only have heavy trash pick up once a year. The rest of the year we have to pay through the nose for it. 

I think $30 and a plate of fresh cookies should cover it!


  1. That urn is going to look awesome on your back deck! Sitting on the deck beside the one that is smaller that you already have. I have urn envy. Enjoy your lovely spring day, we are at 24 F (-4C)today up here in the frozen north, but it's an early spring for us!!!! (Not quite flip flops)

  2. I can't believe people just throw that stuff away! They could at least donate it somewhere. Pretty great finds!

  3. Lucky Lady, I have been looking for some of those chairs!!
    -Kim :)

  4. Can't wait to see the urn upcycled and repurposed... it's a beauty.
    ♥ Kerryanne

  5. The only thing I see laying behind a nearby apartment building in the alley is a ....ewww, mattress. No screen doors or cool chairs in my hood! Lucky dumpster-diving you!

  6. Flip flops and cool finds - what can beat that? I love the screen door! ~ Maureen

  7. Ok first of all....I'm likin' that ex of yours more and more! Nuthin' wrong with driving a Dodge!

    And is that trash pile that your bribing the trash man to take, the same trash pile I shopped out of when I came to your place? LOL!

    And in the recent Lowe's catalog I got in the mail they had the coolest idea for a screen door. And does that mean I missed large pick-up trash day? Or is this just "normal" trash for your area?

    I'm lovin' this flip flop weather. Specially since my one toe looks to be clearing up from the fungal toenail I've had for years and years! Ewwwww sorry! I figured this post was far enough down that no one would see it but you!!!

    I'm behind since going to Vegas.

    Cindy Bee

  8. PS - Yes whitewash the chairs! Too cute.


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