Sunday, February 26, 2012

There's a Line Somewhere

I am sure of it. There is a line somewhere when it comes to collecting and it is oh so easy to just cross right on over past the point of collecting and go right into "hoarding".

 I don't even use these! They just sit there and collect dust. But every time I see one I snatch it up because they are pretty. 
So I've gone through and separated the lids from the lidless and the lidless are going into the yard sale, perhaps for someone else who hoards collects to add to their collection.

And speaking of the yard sale, boy oh boy am I SCARED! I feel like I have ten million things left to do to prepare for it. But I can't wait to unload some stuff and make some money so I can go out and hoard buy some new things that I have had my eye on.

If you are interested in coming please email me at

Also in the early planning stages of the BIG Spring sale/market I am holding here in May. Please email if you would like to set up during that sale. More details to come...

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

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  1. i wish i could come, lol. i love the blue jars too, however i only own three....I believe Pattie is looking for some, u might wanna ask her if she interested....I am a bit of a hoarder, my friends often tell me they are planning an intervention..I love shabby chic linens, i have 14 duvet covers for my bed and at least 10 quilts, and ya dont even wanna know the number of sheet sets, lol....I think we all tend to hoard what we like........hope u had a good weekend ..............Bonnie

  2. Why were we women cursed to be obsessed with containers?? I have way too many baskets, but I don't care. I need, er, want more!

  3. OH, I wish I lived nearby. I LOVE blue Mason jars with the zinc lids. They're so vintage cute...just hard to find :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

    p.s. I hope you make some good money at your yard sale :)

  4. You could always sell those jars to a wedding planner ( or place a sign with suggestions at your sale ). My daughter and I collected well over a hundred vintage blue jars in 3 different sizes to use at her wedding reception. The plan was to have lit candles in all the jars, but after giving them a test run, we found that they overheated ( they get SUPER hot ) and cracked. Plan B was fresh sunflowers in the jars and it was lovely. We have been asked by several wedding planners if they could buy the jars, but we divided them up between my daughters and me. Good luck on your sale!

  5. What a gorgeous collection--how I wish I lived closer because I bet your yard sale is going to be fab! Good luck with it!!

  6. Great idea Vickie! Those would be PERFECT for parties or barn weddings! Fill them with votives or flowers...or even save them for gift giving.

    Wish I had some of those jars, love that aqua color.
    I hope you'll come link this up at my linky party tonight. Link up once, appear on 4 blogs!


  7. Now that is quite a collection. You are wise to keep your favourites. I have about a dozen and I know I would snatch up more if I found them at a reasonable price.

  8. Woweee that's a lot of jars!! They are a big seller at markets for me, I don't think you'll have any trouble finding them new homes. They are awesome with flowers, I just filled mine with tulips in my vintage milk carrier, there are photos on my blog:-)

  9. Oh, I'm following on Linky Followers now too.


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