Monday, February 20, 2012

No Pretty Pictures...Just Real Life

I don't have any pretty pictures to show today. I WISH I did.

Some of you might have heard the story about how my ex husband lived in my guest room downstairs and when he finally moved out I was SO excited to finally be able to turn it into a craft room.
 Wellllllll things happen.....
He was down on his luck and ended up evicted from his apartment. So I let him move back in to the guest room.

Which left me with no where to put all of this stuff! I moved my girls both into one room together and just piled my things into what was my youngest daughters room. 

Then there it sat.....for four months!! 

Today I finally felt energetic enough to tackle the room of doom as I am so affectionately calling it now. {Tee hee}

After two runs out to the store for plastic bins {and accidentally getting the wrong sized lids for 2 of them}, and several hours of trying to organize this stuff into the bins for safe keeping in a closet......

THIS is where I am at!
The room STILL looks like this.
 And I've only got this much packed into bins.

On the bright side....I am so tired of trying to organize, so I am just throwing tons of craft things in giant clear plastic bags and stapling them shut to go in the yard sale, for one set price.
 Some day.........some day maybe I will have these rooms completed and my youngest can have her room back and I will be able to share pretty "finished" room photos!!


  1. Hang in there - real life happens, and it is not always a glamorous photo shoot - but it is real life, and that is inspiring. Thanks for sharing, wish I was in IN for your yard sale.

  2. What a great yard sale that would be! Wish I lived near you! Thanks for showing us something real, Happy monday to you!

  3. Oh, if it's any comfort, you're certainly not alone. I posted weeks ago about my daughters bedroom makeover...not done. I also posted 'bout my mini bathroom makeover...not done. Finally, I posted about making a space in our place for moi...guess what? Not done! Feel better? I hope so, girl. Much Love, Lisa

  4. It's a good solution to a frustrating job. I've used the bag solution to pick up a messy house in a pinch, and went through the sorting after. I think you're a saint BTW! Good luck with the sale!

  5. That looks like a lot of work! What a sweet person you are to let your ex-husband stay there. That can't be easy! I bet your daughters enjoy it though. I still think some of your pictures were pretty:)

  6. It will all happen in good time! Funny how life throws us these curve balls! Wish I lived closer to come to the yard sale!! Traci

  7. You are a kind person to take your ex in like that. Seriously. I am impressed with your goodness!

  8. My craft room looks worse. How does one organize crafting stuff for a garage sale has been my issue, I LOVE your idea!

  9. Crafts sure do = mess! Every time I think I have it under control, it blows up all over the house again. Thank heavens I don't have to take my ex back in here! ~ Maureen

  10. It's funny, how we never know what life is going to throw at us. We just muddle thru.

  11. So compassionate of you! And I am glad I am not the only one with craft things in the floor.....that we share in common right now!

  12. Hang in there, life does happen I know this from experience.

  13. It was so nice of you to let your ex stay with you, and totally upset your pretty room! You will get it back, slowly but surely. :)


  14. Hey girl, I know how you feel except I am not letting my ex husband move into my house....evaaahhhh YOU HEAR ME NEVAH EVAH! You are nicer than I am. ANd I didn't have children with him. Anyway that's what both of my houses look like right now and WTH I want your stuff. My cousin and I ARE coming to your sale, but I'll need directions again. Then we ARE going to have a cupcake in town. Then we ARE going to the yarn store that just moved from one place to another in Zionsville. Then we ARE going to Noblesville to get my sister and head to Indy for a jewelry making, wine tasting, dinner...all wrapped up into one evening. GIRL DAY FO SHO!

    E-mail please - tell me how to get there.

    Cindy Bee


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