Monday, February 27, 2012

HAD To Have It ...{Jeanne d'Arc Living Gift Wrap}

I just placed an order at The Beautiful Life
for the Jeanne d'Arc Gift wrap
 I've been dying to have it for over a year now....but just could NOT see spending so much on a roll of gift wrap.
But it's been a year, I've sat on the thought, I've looked around to see if there was any good way I could duplicate it.
And after a year, I decided that since I still want it every bit as badly as I did the first time I saw it......I think that it just might be money well spent. So I took the leap and ordered some.


  1. I bought this from Ruth too! I used it to line my bookcases in my dining room and I liked it so much I also added to the underside of my white kitchen cabinets for an added surprise. :)

  2. wow….I might be buying a roll now…that is gorgeous.

  3. wow! love it, love it, love it!!!

  4. LOVE that gorgeous roll of JDL paper!!! Would love to buy some too {wishful thinking}!!! Maybe I'll cave in too in a year!!! :) Thanks for sharing!!!


  5. Hey you gonna wrap all of our purchases in that paper this Saturday!

    Cindy Bee

  6. Better hide that when I come over, It might be missing


  7. Everything is getting so expensive--that is beautiful!


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