Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Christmas Tree Nightmare

I finally ventured out to the garage, moved 50 or so boxes and pulled the massive box that the tree is in clear into the house.
Then I took it all out, discovered mice had been using chicken feathers to make nests inside of it. 
I thought "No big deal, right? Just pull it all out and throw it away."

Which I did, and thought I was good to go, so I then spent the next hour wrestling with the tree to get it all put together....
The tree won the wrestling match. I'm covered in scratches. 
So after I get it up I start to smell something.....something awful.....
Great, this is my luck today.
Tree goes in the trash.
So it looks like for now my small tree is going to be our main tree this year.
I think I am ok with that, it is really pretty after all.

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  1. I have to admit that when I read your MOUSE PEE! I did laugh, out loud, a lot, then my husband read it and he laughed, out loud, then I laughed some more. But, in the long run, I feel badly for you, I really do. I've had mice invade my home a few times (not this house so far, knock on wood) and while they are very cute, I do not like them in my house or in any of my stuff! I would have thrown the tree away too. I'm really sorry it could't be saved. Maybe you can get another big one before Christmas. Your decorations and home in the pics look beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  2. It is a very sweet tree ~ I think I would be pretty ok with that too!

  3. It's beautiful! Changing things up can be good for the year when you get a new big tree it will seem that much more special! Sorry about the mouse peepee...


  4. Oh no! Those darn mice!! I do love your small tree, it looks perfect elevated on your table. And I totally am in love with the birdcage filled with ornaments, what a great idea!

  5. OK, one year I got mine out and it was covered in baby spiders, either way it's out the door! Love the one you have up, so pretty! xo

  6. Sorry about the big tree. Your small tree is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Oh No! Oh well, I love your small tree. It's so pretty and perfect in the corner of your room.


  8. Oh my goodness, that is terrible!!! So sorry about that, but I do love your little tree! Last year we found a snake in our REAL TREE!!! Yes, a snake! I will have to do a post about that story sometime...not really sure what kind of tree we are using this yr after what happened last year... :)


  9. We've only had one mouse when somebody (me) left a ground level door open at night. He only invaded our house 1 night but made his presence known! What a mess!!

    Your tree looks lovely. I'm now eyeing up my birdcage and wondering how many ornaments it would take to fill it. Love the idea!

  10. Your living room looks gorgeous. I like the cage with the colorful ornaments. Nice touch with a dash of color.

    I'm with you on the mouse pee & the tree. Trash it. Some things just shouldn't be saved.

  11. Your Christmas tree is beautiful!!!

    Yes I would have trashed the tree also
    I love your living room
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  12. OH . . . as soon as I started reading I knew what was coming! Our house was overrun with mice when we moved in and I SO know that horrid smell! Sorry you had to toss the tree -- but I love your little tree and the way it all looks together!

  13. funny...(well not really) ..that petite tree is perfect! i love it!

  14. Mouse pee, I know that battle!.. and really what is it with the fake trees scratching your arms up? Every year it looks like a cat fight.... Love the pretty corner tree, but what about the gorgeous crinolin skirt...

  15. My friend, I think you have a way of turning a bad situation into something wonderful and beautiful.

    I think your small tree is perfect

    I think mice are just about awful. Sorry.

  16. I'm so sorry! I dragged my boxes from the little blue garage yesterday. Haven't dared open them. They're still taped from the move. Hope I don't find any surprises!

  17. sorry to hear that! At least there will be AWESOME sales after christmas and you can get a new one then for a song...

    We were almost over-run with mice the first 2 years we lived in our house (Never mind we had 3 cats and 3 dogs at the time!). Everything was put into plastic containers (holiday stuff, clothes, blankets, toys, food, and all my extra toilet paper and paper towels) because the mice got into ever dang thing we owned. Thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdown!

  18. OOOh no mouse pee! You are too funny to tell the story and laugh, love it!!
    I have always feared something similar sooooo. Every year I buy contractor bags (they are huge) I put my boxes inside and use packing tape to seal them shut. When I open them? No suprises!!
    I adore you sweet little tree...who says you have to have a huge tree? Every year can be different. After Christmas sales will be here before you know it?

  19. Your little tree is very pretty and perfect for the room. I am in the process of decorating for Christmas. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving but I just couldn't wait. Getting the decorations out is toooooooo much fun!


  20. I had to laugh. Sorry-- but you brought me back a delightfully funny memory of my mom --who passed 12 years ago.

    She had this same dilemma once years ago... and us being broke as an old joke... and living in Texas (and warm in the month of December, some years)...
    My mother set that tree up in the drive way (right out front for all the neighborhood to see)
    oh, yes she did.
    once it dried-- she took it all apart and carried it in the house-- and PUT THAT BAD BOY UP!
    oh, yes she did.

    ...and so it goes. Thanks for the memories!


  21. Oh my!
    Your little tree is beautiful though!!

  22. Your livingroom is beautiful. Love it.
    That mice history was fun, and the tree is so gorgeous.

    Hugs Bente

  23. I do not blame you about the tree.....

    Just checking in with you and seeing what's up! I love the ornaments and ribbons you've made. So pretty!


  24. A few years ago I quit putting up a big tree.
    Now I put a couple or three little woodsy trees in my antique wagon. I love it much better than the big teree. We can put the presents under and around the wagon. I love your little tree. With presents all around it it will look so pretty and will not smell like the other would. Happy Holidays.


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